Two FACT readers report a recent blockage from within Thailand. These two urls now cannot be accessed from within Thailand:
(an anti-coup blog, with critical contents on monarchy. caches: Google, Yahoo!)
(an entry in the Same Sky Books forum)

Obviously there should be more than this. If you do experience any blockage, please report us.


TechCrunch reports that Turkish blogs are now banning themselves in protest. The fake bans started with Firat Yildiz, who put this message up on his blog:

Bu siteye erişim kendi kararıyla engellenmiştir

which roughly translates to:

The access to this web site is prevented by its owner’s free will.

Nearly 200 Turkish blogs have (temporarily) shut themselves down in this manner. The point is to show Turkish Web surfers what the Internet would look like if the censorship continues unabated. The protest will last until Wednesday.

In Turkey, any complaint to a lower court is likely to get a website blocked. YouTube, DailyMotion, Alibaba,, and some WordPress blogs are among websites that have been banned.

Read full report at TechCrunch

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