April 13, 2019

In 2006, Freedom Against Censorship Thailand (FACT) provided the very first leaked documents to the new WikiLeaks platform. Thailand’s military coup’s Internet blocklists were leaked to FACT by government officials.

That same year, I was appointed to sit on WikiLeaks’ internatiuonal advisory board after meeting with Julian Assange in Budapest and his subsequent visit to Thailand.

The most important part, though, is that I am Julian’s friend. He has a deep well of courage and commitment.

Many of us WikiLeaks supporters did not support his exile into the Ecuadorean embassy in London. Those numbers only grew as Julian lived an alternate existence, year after year.

The red herring of sexual assault is being raised again by governments seeking to tar Julian Assange. I am closely versed with the actual events. Julian was an international rock star, nothing more, nothing less. He slept with two of his Swedish supporters and they got jealous.

Both women sought to withdraw all allegations against Julian. However, the Swedish government pursued him relentlessly. He was never charged with any crime only wanted for questioning. Julian felt he would be extradited to the U.S. for espionage. 

And the issuance of an Interpol red notice for his arrest at Sweden’s request certainly bore sinister implications. When JA offered the Swedish prosecutors to question him at his Embassy sanctuary, they refused.

Julian jumped bail to seek refuge. That’s a crime in any country. But he served 2,487 days in a cell which happened to be in a diplomatic mission. He’s suffered enough, he’s done his time. 

It’s not the first time the politically threatened have spent years imprisoned in embassies to thwart prosecution, starting in 1726. Great Britain and the United States offered some of these criminals and dissidents sanctuary. 

Four Eithopian dissidents holed up in Addis Ababa’s Italian Embassy…in 1991! One committed suicide, one died; two others have lived under Italy’s protection for 27 years.

Julian Assange was offered Ecuador’s protection by its president for ten years, Rafael Correa, and was granted Ecuadorean citizenship. As an Ecuadorean national, Julian was entitled to the full support of his embassy.

But a change of government elected Lenin Moreño in 2017. He wishes to curry favor with the US. He betrayed his own citizen yesterday in London, April 12, 2019. How can any Ecuadorean trust this man? I wrote him yesterday:

¡Qué verguenza! Usted se prueba a sí mismo como otro político sin integridad al arrestar a un ciudadano ecuatoriano para ser arrestado en territorio soberano. Puede llegar a ser usted un día.

Señor embajador, solo cumplía órdenes, como los nazis? Que sufras el mismo destino cuando vengan por ti …

¡Atropello! ¡Qué verguenza!

“Shame on you! You prove yourself another politician without integrity by permitting the arrest of an Ecuadorean citizen in sovereign territory. It may become you one day.

“Mr. Ambassador, were you just following orders, like the Nazis? May you suffer the same fate when they come for you …

“Outrage! Shame!” 

We probably knew this day would come. Perhaps Julian made the wrong decision. America’s NATO allies will go to any lengths to keep America great.

Donald Trump praised WikiLeaks during his campaign. Now he doesn’t know who they are!


Julian Assange is a public figure. He could not be captured and killed in a delicate manner. As usual, America’s world police employ subterfuge. The G-men always get their man.

If the U.K. has any shred of integrity, it will not extradite Julian Assange.

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