Nobody Brought Peace to Our Times! Nobody for President-Country Joe McDonald

November 8, 2012

Nobody for President Campaign Songs and Video

Country Joe McDonald – MP3 – [Flash Video] – Jim Maxwell and The Sundown Band – MP3


Nobody for President Campaign Song

by Country Joe MacDonald.

(The chorus refrain is: “Vote for Nobody” and is repeated after each line below.)

Come on people get out and vote

Democracy ain’t no joke

If you don’t vote then don’t complain

If you don’t vote you got nothing to say

The canidates all walk the talk

They send you stuff in your mail box

You open it up and what do you see

A bunch of junk that’s (sic) confunmusing

Vote no on yes and yes on no

Vote for less don’t vote for more

Vote yes on 2 and no on 3

Vote for A don’t vote for B

Vote for the poor, vote for the rich

Don’t vote for more, hey vote for less

Vote to impeach and vote to retain

Don’t vote to lose, hey vote to gain

Well this year I may take a chance

And vote Nobody for President

If Nobody wins I can always say

Nobody listened to me anyway

Nobody wins and Nobody won

So, I don’t want to see that nothing gets done

If nothing gets done then nothing gets spent

And we’ll all be rich when Nobody’s president

Vote for Nobody, Nobody for President!

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