Thai Judge: What will be gained from finding out the truth?-Bangkok Pundit

July 21, 2012

[FACT comments: BP is quite right in pointing out this anomaly. What exactly is jurisprudence if not for finding out the truth? Unfortunately, defamation conviction worldwide reveal a bitter side effect. For defamation to be criminal, it simply doesn’t matter if the substance of the defamation is a true statement or an outright lie.]

Bangkok Pundit: July 19, 2012


Pravit in The Nation on the latest lese majeste trial of Ekachai Hongkangwan, a man arrested for selling a news documentary made by Australian Broadcasting Corporation:

Ekachai’s defence lawyer Arnon Nampha tried to dwell on the facts of some of the information deemed as defamatory – whether it was true or not. But the judges told him they were not out to prove whether the alleged defamatory statements in the video and texts were accurate in reality or not.

“Whether it’s true or not, if you prove it, what will be gained from it?” one of the presiding judges said to Arnon.

BP: Then again, truth is not a defence in a lese majeste case in Thailand so perhaps it is not surprising. Nevertheless, when it comes from a judge it still sounds disconcerting….


One Response to “Thai Judge: What will be gained from finding out the truth?-Bangkok Pundit”

  1. be free Says:

    How is it that truth cannot be a defense. I am surprised it can’t be valid for defense.

    In an internet blog defamation case in Singapore (check for details on that ) the blog host was announced that he needs to prove that the statements in blog are true, to oppose the case of defamation. The case is for civil suit for unknown amount of damages and to shut down the blog. What is the difference, truth should be always valid defense otherwise you can say there is no freedom of speech.

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