US war on region starts at U-tapao-Prachatai

June 28, 2012

[CJ Hinke of FACT comments: A cursory glance might occasion the average reader to dismiss these claims as paranoid conspiracy theory. However, look at the three illustrations added from a posting at Bangkok Pundit (which FACT readers should read in detail: Don’t look at the source in a knee-jerk reaction: Let’s consider the reach of US global dominance and no theory sounds too far out, borne out by US actions. We have long opposed the Us military HAARP programmer as a potential plant destroyer. We are a sovereign nation and should start acting that way. Thailand is in the centre and, if we give the NASA a toe in the door for US military forces, we’ll also be in the centre when the shit hits the fan! Send in the drones–really?]

PAD discloses US plan for U-tapao airport

Prachatai: June 25, 2012

[Illustrations from Bangkok Pundit.]

The US has developed a project which can emit electromagnetic waves into the atmosphere to be reflected back to the earth to cause ‘natural disasters’ at targeted areas, as a new kind of weapon to destroy enemies, said Panthep Puapongpan, spokesperson for the People’s Alliance for Democracy in an ASTV-Manager television programme on 20 June.

He said that he had written an article about the US project called High Frequency Active Aurora Research Program, or H.A.A.R.P., a research project jointly conducted by the US armed forces and the University of Alaska to control and manipulate the climate by firing high-frequency electromagnetic waves with the power of over one Giga-watt to the ionosphere to be reflected back to any specific location on earth and penetrate subterranean rock strata to cause earthquakes.

He showed a video clip of a documentary from the History Channel as evidence to support his claim, adding that this project was a new weapon which could cause climatic fluctuation, changes in the direction of winds and tides, or even create hurricanes, typhoons and earthquakes.

Experiments in this project have taken place in Alaska, Russia and Norway, he said.

He said that the US Air Force had announced in a 2005 document that by 2025 manipulation of the climate would be part of the country’s security strategy, which would strengthen its military power and curtail that of its enemies.

To support his theory, he went on to cite several more pieces of evidence.

He said that he did not make this up by himself, but the whole world was worried about this ‘disaster-inducing weapon’.  When a particular country or region is struck by natural disasters, the US will pose as a saviour with the purpose of exploiting natural resources and dominating local governments.

He also showed video clips of natural disasters which had happened in some countries as examples of what he believed might have been related to the project:

– In 2008, the sky above Sichuan in China changed colour before an earthquake.  That was because when a high-frequency wave was emitted to the ionosphere, the resulting heat in the atmosphere changed the sky colour, he said.

– In 2010, in the wake of a severe earthquake in Haiti, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez came out to announce that it was a result of an experiment to manipulate natural disasters, and the US was playing with God.

– Prior to Japan’s tsunami, the magnetic field was found to be very low, and ‘the emitted frequency’ was unusual.

This may be a new idea for Thai people, but we should know that the whole world has been worried about this, and it is no surprise that the Chinese Army had to hold talks with its Thai counterparts, he said.

He said that obviously the US wanted to stop China’s influence, and to secure a military base in Thailand would guarantee the protection of its interests in this region, as the region held immense reserves of energy.

The more Thailand has to rely on the US, and is politically divisive, the more the US, which specializes in dividing and conquering, will benefit.  At the moment, the US may be supporting the government in power to secure the protection of energy sources.  Incidentally, in July, licenses for large concessions in energy fields will be open for bidding, he said.

Surapong Chainam, former Thai ambassador and a PAD supporter, said in the same programme that Thai society should exercise its discretion when hearing the name of NASA.  Many associate this organization with space and scientific research, but, in fact, it is just a facade, as it receives most of its budget from the US Department of Defense, and has always been working for the department, he said.

U-Tapao has always been used [by the US] to spy on other countries since the Vietnam War until now.  The bombers which bombed the Middle East refuelled here with the consent of the Thai government, he said.


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