“Unspeakable Things” (สิ่งที่แตะต้องไม่ได้)

June 28, 2012

We are very pleased to announce the launch of “Unspeakable Things” (สิ่งที่แตะต้องไม่ได้) as a special issue of the online, media-friendly outlet Sensate: A Journal of Critical Media Practice.

The first installment of the issue (two more will follow), including an introduction by editors Ben Tausig and Tyrell Haberkorn, “Time’s Arrow” by Craig Reynolds et al., “Dear Daranee” by Elizabeth Fitzgerald, and “Music on the Table” by Ben Tausig and Peter Doolan, is available here: http://sensatejournal.com/category/special-collections/unspeakable-things/

In “Unspeakable Things,” we explore Thai politics through everyday objects – both Thai and foreign analysts are limited in what we can say directly, so we turn to objects as a strategy of dissident analysis. We began this project as the one-year anniversary of the April-May 2010 violent crackdown by Thai state forces on red shirt protestors passed.  We are finishing as the second anniversary of the crackdown passes with accountability still elusive. This series is also launched at a time when the number of people convicted of violations of Article 112 and the 2007 Computer Crimes Act is high and growing.

Each piece in this series combines different media forms to create a layered, interactive collage of words, images, video, and sound. At this time, the introduction and the first three pieces, with contributions by Craig Reynolds and Team, Ben Tausig and Peter Doolan, and Elizabeth Fitzgerald, have been published. The remaining six pieces will be released over the coming weeks.  We invite you to spend time viewing, listening, and reading, and in so doing reflect on the Thai present and the resonances and effects of what can be spoken and what utterances remain forbidden. We thank you in advance for your time and welcome your feedback.


For justice,

Ben Tausig, Ethnomusicology, New York University [datageneral@gmail.com]

Tyrell Haberkorn, Political and Social Change, Australian National University [tyrellcaroline@gmail.com]


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