The oldest tree species on Earth-Wired

June 28, 2012

[FACT comments: Still think you’re important Bunky??? We are, like, so much less evolved than these dudes! Sort of makes you want to cut a tunnel in one to drive your SUV through or stock up on toilet paper, don’t it?]

Lords of the Rings

Wired: June 26, 2012

 Great Basin bristlecone pine, 4,844 rings. (cwsteeds/flickr)

Patagonian cypress, 3,622 rings. (andreaugarte/flickr)

Giant sequoia, 3,266 rings. (yathin/flickr)

Western juniper, 2,675 rings. (Comrogues/flickr)

Rocky Mountain bristlecone pine, 2,435 rings. (USDA)

Redwood, 2,200 rings. (Acroterion/Wikimedia Commons)

Foxtail pine, 2,110 rings. (USFWS)

Alpine larch, 1,917 rings. (Walter Siegmund/Wikimedia Commons)

Rocky Mountain juniper, 1,889 rings. (brewbooks/flickr)

Limber pine, 1,670 rings. (NPS)

Northern cedar pine, 1,653 rings. (Brynn/Wikimedia Commons)

Nootka cypress, 1,636 rings. (Walter Siegmund/Wikimedia Commons)

Bald cypress, 1,622 rings. (USDA)

Douglas fir, 1,350 rings. (NPS)

Whitebark pine, 1,267 rings. (Richard Sniezko/USFWS)

Colorado pinyon, 1,101 rings. (Quinn Dombrowski/flickr)

Huon pine, 1,089 rings. (Securiger/Wikimedia Commons)


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