PULO Pulo separatist gets life sentence-Bangkok Post

June 28, 2012

Bangkok Post: June 27, 2012



The Appeals Court on Wednesday sentenced a member of the Pattani United Liberation Organisation (Pulo), a separatist movement, to life in prison, reversing the Criminal Court’s decision to drop all charges against him.

Koseng, or Useng, Cheloh [Surapol Promsaka na Sakolnakorn]

Prosecutors indicted Koseng, or Useng, Cheloh, a Pulo member, on charges of rebellion and illegal assembly of weapons and men to conduct terrorist activities with the aim being to separate five southern border provinces from the kingdom.

The court was told that between 1968 and Feb 10, 1998 Koseng and other Pulo members had recruited Muslim people into the separatist movement, extorted protection money from businessmen in the five southern border provinces and used the money to set up armed units to conduct terrorist activities, including attacks on government installations, destroying rail tracks with bombs and burning down bridges and schools, causing extensive damage and a large number of casualties.

The Criminal Court on Dec 1, 2008 dismissed the case against Koseng on the grounds that evidence against him was doubtful. The state appealed.

The Appeals Court today reversed the Criminal Court’s decision and sentenced Koseng to death.

The death sentence was commuted to life on the grounds that his testimony was useful.


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