Prayuth wants secret trials-PPT

June 28, 2012

Political Prisoners in Thailand: June 25, 2012


That Thailand’s constitution is nothing but a scrap of paper was proved by the Constitutional Court during the various lese majeste trials that Darunee Charnchoensilpakul had to suffer.

Article 40 of the 2007 Constitution clearly states:

A person shall have the rights in judicial process as follows:

… (2) fundamental rights in judicial process composing of, at least, right to public trial; right to be informed of and to examine into facts and related documents adequately; right to present facts, defences and evidences in the case; right to object the partial judges; right to be considered by the full bench of judges; and right to be informed of justifications given in the judgement or order;

When Darunee’s trial began in June 2009, the judge, citing reasons of national security, closed the trial, meaning it became a secret political trial. An appeal was also made to the Constitutional Court on the constitutionality of her trial in secret. Any reasonable person reading Article 40 would see that the secret trial was unconstitutional. But the Constitutional Court is not reasonable and not even interested in the constitution. This politically biased kangaroo court decided that a secret trial had not violated Darunee’s rights.

Thus it would probably seem reasonable that the Army’s boss would also demand secret trials. He can rightly assume that the Constitutional Court will continue to ignore the constitution!

At the Bangkok Post, General Prayuth Chan-ocha is reported as having”called for the testimony of witnesses in court hearings into the deaths of six people at Wat Pathum Wanaram in Bangkok two years ago to be kept secret.” That testimony is about the cold-blooded murder of red shirts, medical assistants and bystanders.

Of course such testimony should be secret! Why not? Prayuth certainly doesn’t want any gruesome details of the Army’s murder of civilians to threaten the Army’s longstanding impunity. Prayuth himself wouldn’t want to be accountable for the murder of civilians. The outspoken army boss is said to have “expressed irritation at disclosures of witness accounts…”. Yes, keep it all secret so that it will eventually disappear.

Prayuth bleated that: “The justice system will decide who is guilty or not.” We know that the “justice” system does that, but we also know that the courts are corrupt and politically biased.

The Army boss also issued a warning: “The army chief vowed he would guarantee justice for his subordinates and protect those who did their duty.” Oops, coup talk? Of course Prayuth was also part of the cabal that tore up the last constitution. Law and justice? As far as the Army bosses are concerned, they are the lawmakers, they make the rules and break them at will.


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