Govt bail fund set up for jailed reds-The Nation

June 28, 2012

[CJ Hinke of FACT comments: We wonder if the “justice” ministry’s agenda is simply to give the appearance, rather than the substance, of fairness under the law. It is obvious that none of these 54 political prisoners are more dangerous to society than the forces of change who are free yet many have languished in gaol without bail or trial for two years and more. The ministry put up bail for lèse majesté prisoner Red editor Somyot’s applications and the courts still have denied his bail 10 times in over a year in gaol awaiting trial. The ministry’s bail fund is a pointless exercise if the courts won’t release prisoners. However, is the justice ministry finally admitting there are political prisoners in Thailand and that L-M is a political act?]

The Nation: June 14, 2012


The Justice Ministry is set to secure a Bt43-million fund to be used as bail for 54 red-shirt protestors imprisoned since May 2010.

The first set of requests would be made from June 20 to various courts whose orders placed the group under custody, said ministry spokesman Ruenruedee Suwannamongkhol.

Doctors’ certificates would also be sought to certify that 10 of the detainees were mentally unstable, mostly from stress that they developed after being arrested. All 54 red shirts in jail will be considered for release regardless of any lese majeste charges they might face.

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