FACTflash: Happy Revolution Day 2555 from FACT!

June 24, 2012

80 years of ‘democracy’?

FACT honours of Thailand’s National Day, June 24, when revolutionists declared Thailand free of absolute monarchy in 1932. The Father of Thai Democracy, founder of Thammasat University and drafter of Thailand’s first Constitution was Pridi Banomyong.

Although Pridi was unquestionably Thailand’s greatest statesman, he was prime minister as a Free Thai for less than six months in 1946. In 1947, Pridi was forced to flee into exile because of accusations of conspiracy in regicide for the death of the young King Ananda, Rama XIII. This exile appears to have been orchestrated by Thai military strongman Plaek Pibulsongkhram.

Democracy was never permitted to return home and, to this day, even Pridi’s ashes have not been returned to his native soil.

For the revolution, and to honour Pridi Banomyong, FACT wishes to make readers aware of the excellent free resources at Pridi-Phoonsuk.

33 books are available for free PDF download or online reading. (We’ve deleted several hyperlinks which are not working and a few duplicates.) The books are mostly in Thai but there are two books available in English.


It’s high time to bring back Free Thai!

 Thanks to one of Thailand’s rara aves, independent journalist Pravit Rojanaphruk, at The Nation and Prachatai, for pointing us to these.


One Response to “FACTflash: Happy Revolution Day 2555 from FACT!”

  1. Natalie Says:

    Thanks for “the king of the white elephant”! I’ve seen the movie, didn’t know it was actually a book though. 🙂

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