Surachai: One more death sentence for lèse majesté-Bangkok Post

June 1, 2012

[CJ Hinke of FACT comments: Multiple charges and convictions for alleged lèse majesté content made from the stages of various Redshirt rallies have resulted in a total of 12 ½ years in prison for a 70-year old. Surachai was sentenced to 15 years on February 28, 2012, halved to 7 ½ years for his guilty plea; a further five years on April 27, also halved; and today a further five years, halved for his guilty plea. Surachai has already spent more than a year in gaol waiting to go to court. 12 ½ years is a death sentence for a 70-year old. Show us the damage done to monarchy.]

Surachai jailed for lese majeste

Bangkok Post: May 28, 2012

The Criminal Court on Monday sentenced Surachai “sae Dan” Danwattananusorn, a core member of the Red Siam Group, to two years and six months in jail — his fifth lese majeste charge.

Surachai Danwattananusorn

The prosecution case  stated that after midnight on Dec 15, 2008 Mr Surachai, 70, went on the stage of the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship at Sanam Luang and delivered a speech which was deemed to have lese majeste content.

Surachai testified to the court this morning that he on May 10 this year submitted a request to withdraw his earlier not guilty plea. He admitted he is the same person charged in four other lese majeste cases.

In doing so, he wanted the court to quickly hand down a verdict in this case because he wished to seek a royal pardon.

The court sentenced Surachai to five years imprisonment, commuted to two and a half years due to his confession.

The jail term in this case will be added to the jail sentences earlier handed down on him in four other lese majeste cases.


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