FACTflash: Support Chiranuch May 30

May 27, 2012


Venue: Bangkok’s Criminal Court (San Aya) on Ratchadapisek Road near Lat Phrao MTR station, Exit 4. The verdict should be heard in courtroom 910 but the case docket number is 1167/2553 in case the courtroom venue changes.


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3 Responses to “FACTflash: Support Chiranuch May 30”

  1. Packing up for my own trip the day after, I truly wish her well. Based on what they did to Ah Kong and Joe Gordon and Harry Nicolaides et. Al, it’s easy to be pessimistic. However, I feel, to risk a prediction, that this Prachatai case will be dismissed, finally. Even the Thai justice can not be that odious. This, of course, does not mean they won’t postpone again.

    By the way, on 21 May 2012 I visited Pahol Yothin police at their request to, as they represented, to provide some information they claimed they needed. It turned out they wanted me to translate thirteen pages of English language text Akbar khan copied from my website and initiated prior to handing to police, into Thai! As I am not native in Thai and would not even do it from Thai to English, I refused their request, based on Article 13 of the Thai Criminal Procedure Code that stipulates investigators, prosecutors, etc., will use the services of a qualified translator for such translations. I copied the pertinent section and faxed it today to police, having done the same yesterday to the US Embassy for info.
    Also for information, Col. Wattanasak’s criminal defamation case against me is now being handled by a new prosecutor name of Prinya. Once again he indicates today during phone conversation that certain information is needed and could not yet indicate whether the case will be referred to the court or not. This is over three years since Wattanasak claims to have been defamed. Neither accuser ever notified me that they objected to presence of any material on the website.

  2. Frank G Anderson Says:

    The word ‘initiated’ should have been ‘initialed.’ Please correct in posting, thank you.

  3. In other words, Frank, they brought suit on the basis of … nothing at all … in collusion with this bozo all the way. They don’t know even know what you wrote! Yet they have carried forward this suite at they behest of their cronies … for three long years! And no end in site. No fear of repercussions from the court for the severe human rights violations caused by their absurd behavior. The court is their agent, does whatever they tell it to do.

    Good luck with the American Embassy … whether they will stand up for you or any other American depends on if your needs are consonant with their global perspective. If not … under the bus with your Frank.

    This is what a police state looks like from the inside. No laws … just coercive power, arbitrarily applied. And no help from the embassy of your nation.

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