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May 25, 2012

Department of Mental Health Issues Warning against Exhibitionist Websites

TAN Network: May 24, 2012



The Department of Mental Health has issued a warning against exhibitionist websites promoting indecent public exposures.

There has been an exhibitionist website published on the internet showing hundreds of photographs of women of various ages exposing themselves in public places.

The viewers could also give scores on the photos and post comments to encourage these women to show off even more obscene poses.

Many young women are seen in photos taken inside a BTS train, bus, pedestrian bridge and even inside a Buddhist temple.

Many are concerned that these youth have been lured to expose themselves just to garner some strangers’ attention.

Spokesperson to the Department of Mental Health, Doctor Panpimol Wipulakorn, has warned of consequences to every action, even within the online communities.

She is asking young people to distinguish what is appropriate and what is not.

She said that what seems to be a harmless fun may have severe repercussions in the future, while urging everyone to think carefully before doing something they might regret later.


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