39 Reds still face L-M charges-Bangkok Post & The Nation

May 15, 2012

DSI clears Jatuporn of lese majeste

Bangkok Post: May 10, 2012


The Department of Special Investigation (DSI)has recommending the dropping of lese majeste charges against red-shirt co-leader and Pheu Thai list MP Jatuporn Prompan and other red-shirt leaders after finding speeches they made on April 10, 2010 were not in violation of Article 112 of the Criminal Code or the lese majeste law, DSI chief Tarit Pengdit said on Thursday.

Mr Tarit said the DSI was responsible for handling two lese majeste cases.

The first case is against Mr Jatuporn and his red-shirt colleagues, accused of making remarks deemed lese majeste in their speeches made at the Democracy Monument on April 10, 2510.

In this case, DSI investigators at a meeting with prosecutors agreed not to indict Mr Jatuporn and other red-shirt core members after concluding their speeches were not in violation of Article 112 of the Criminal Code.

Mr Tarit said the DSI had forwarded the case and its recommendations to the prosecution for further consideration.

There are three possible options for the prosecution to take: to dismiss the charges as recommended by the DSI; to indict the suspects in court; or to order additional questioning of witnesses.

The second case involved an alleged plot to overthrow the monarchy with 39 suspects listed on a conspiracy chart compiled by various security agencies. [FACT: We thought this ‘conspiracy’ had been discredited.]

In this case, 23 of the suspects were investigated individually by the DSI. The DSI’s recommendations to the prosecution were for the indictment of some and dismissal of charges against others, based on evidence and witnesses.

Concerning the chart with names of people in the alleged plot to overthrow the monarchy, the DSI asked the authorities injvolved to give a clear explanation of their connection, but they gave no clear evidence of any offences.

DSI officials and prosecutors who jointly handled the case agreed to end the investigation and submitted a report on the decision to the prosecution for consideration, Mr Tarit said.

Asked whether the speeches made by Mr Jatuporn and other suspects could now be publicised, Mr Tarit said this could not be done since the prosecution had yet to decide on the DSI’s recommendations.



Jatuporn’s lese majeste charge to drop: DSI

The Nation: May 10, 2012



The Department of Special Investigation has found no cause to invoke the lese majeste law against Pheu Thai MP Jatuporn Promphan, DSI director general Tarit Pengdith said on Thursday.

“The DSI report recommends for charges be dropped,” he said in reference to the report being forwarded for the approval of public prosecutors.

Tarit said the report found that Jatuporn’s rally speech on April 10, 2011 could not be construed as violating Article 112 of the Criminal code. The provision is the key clause on royal insult.

To mark one year after the crackdown on the red shirts at Rajdamnoen Avenue, Jatuporn spoke to the reds at the Democracy Monument.

In his speech, he made a reference to “royally-bestowed bullets”. The phrase came up while Jatuporn was attacking the military and the Abhisit Vejjajiva government for the crackdown.

In retaliation, Army chief General Prayuth Chan-ocha instructed the military legal team to file a complaint. The case was subsequently assigned to the DSI.


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