FACTorial: For lèse majesté, we don’t know where the line is

May 5, 2012

A friend showed me this scrip from a Japanese children’s game evolved from manga. No one could ever confuse these bills with real money, of course, because You-Know-Who’s picture isn’t on it.

Isn’t it L-M??? Shit, it might be illegal to call “him” “You-Know-Who”! It might even be illegal to call “You-Know-Who” “him”!

How silly do we want to get?

CJ Hinke

Freedom Against Censorship Thailand (FACT)

One Response to “FACTorial: For lèse majesté, we don’t know where the line is”

  1. Hope Thailand will be free soon. Says:

    I dont actually believe that You-Know-Who, as you called him has supported this law himself. If you say that the King cannot be criticised, it suggests that the King is not human,� His Majesty said. The quote were said by him, on his birthday, and this is the reason to my claimed.

    Think about this: How laws are published? What are procedures along the way? Or do you simply conclude that the thing the law protects is responsible for the law itself?


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