The King’s a killer!-Guardian

April 23, 2012

[FACT comments: We don’t have anything against kings, per se, but we definitely like elephants better. The elephants should organise a king safari. What the heck—give them a headstart!]

Spanish king’s elephant hunting accident provokes outrage

Giles Tremlett

The Guardian: April 15, 2012



Don Juan Carlos, en una imagen de Rann Safaris, tras abatir un elefante en una anterior cacería en África


[Excerpt] Shoots with Rann Safaris cost upwards of $8,700 (£5,500) a week, with an elephant costing a further $15,000 to kill. A day out with professional hunter Jeff Rann, pictured with the king, costs a further $2,000…

A promotional video on YouTube shows Rann shooting elephants – which can be killed with licences bought at auction from the Botswana government – in the Okavango delta…

[Furthermore, the King was honourary president of the World Wildlife Fund in Spain. WWF is an NGO dedicated to environmental protection and conservation. Perhaps King Juan thought it was World Wildlife Fun…]

King Juan Carlos has been involved in hunting scandals before. Six years ago officials dismissed as “ridiculous” allegations that he had shot a drunken Russian bear that had been plied with honey and vodka.

[Prompting the King to issue the first public apology in history by a Spanish monarch—11 words—after “several days of intense public pressure.]

The family also has a troubled history with guns. The king shot and killed his own brother in an accident when he was a teenager.

[Okay, now it just got weird… Plus, we can’t seem to find a single photo of the king smiling.

Excellent analysis by Political Prisoners in Thailand: and comments by WWF at Global Voices:

Any normal person, that is, one not born to divine rule, would outlaw guns and armies in their kingdom after shooting their brother or, at least, never touch as gun as long as he lived. Perhaps kings are not normal! ]




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