Thai boobs are lewd?-Bangkok Post

April 23, 2012

[CJ Hinke of FACT comments: Come on now, tell us you didn’t know govt idiocy would go this far!?! The law states exposing a woman’s breast is “lewd”. Men’s breasts go unremarked by the law. “Lewd” in current meaning is “1. Inciting to lust or lechery, lascivious; 2. obscene, indecent or salacious” not the obsolete usage of merely “vulgar”. Unless Mr. Sarawut (a man’s name, incidentally, presumably the one on his national ID card) undergoes a total sex change and is registered on his Thai ID card as a female, his boobs are still legal. Size matters? We see an awful lot of man-boobs out there these days—ewww…]

Transvestite fined for topless dance

Bangkok Post: April 16, 2012


A 19-year-old transvestite has been arrested and fined for putting on a lewd show during the Songkran celebrations in Ayutthaya.

Sarawut Suparb, a 19-year-old transvestite, shows a police document after answering a charge of indecent exposure in Ayutthaya yesterday. Hewas accused of dancing provocatively in front of a crowd of Songkran revellers, taking his top off and revealing his breasts in downtown Ayutthaya o Friday.He was fined 500 baht and released. [Sunthorn Pongpao]

Sarawut Suparb reported to Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya police to answer a charge of indecent exposure yesterday.

He was accused of dancing provocatively in front of a crowd of Songkran revellers and taking his top off, revealing his breasts, in downtown Ayutthaya on Friday.

Chainarong Somproh, chief of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya police, said police could not arrest Mr Sarawut on Friday because he had been in hiding.

The police took up the matter after receiving complaints from residents.

Mr Sarawut said he and 10 other transvestite friends had gone out to celebrate Songkran in the city centre.

He had climbed atop a large loudspeaker on a vehicle and began to dance.

He later took off his top at his friends’ encouragement. He apologised for his behaviour.

Footage of his bare-breasted dance sparked a public outcry after it spread through various social networks.

Mr Sarawut was fined 500 baht by police and released.


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