FACTflash: Dems like sex!

April 23, 2012

FACTflash: Dems like sex!!!


How much do we pay him to work with one hand? [ASTV-Manager]                         Idle hands, the devil’s playground. [Khaosod]


Thailand’s Democrat Party has proven a vigourous defender of moral virtue in the Kingdom. They’ve supported no alcohol sales around election days and Royal events, public sales of alcohol restricted to evening hours, bars and pubs in three designated areas in the capital, the establishment of early closing hours for “entertainment” venues.

Moreover, they declared war on pornography, discovering and destroying hundreds of thousands of illegal disks, banning and blocking more than half a million porn websites. The Dems pursued sexy dancing to holiday events and temple fairs in the provinces and even censored fine art depictions of bare-breasted women from Buddhist murals.

The Dems were such upright morals policemen that we thought they might not know where babies come from (or at least not want to tell the rest of us).

The Dems’ choices for prime minister and party leader looked so wholesome that we thought he might be slick everywhere, you know, like a Ken doll. He certainly carried his jewels in a box for his entire term of office, relying on others to crush his Redshirt opposition.

After all this puffery, we discover that not only must Dem pols know what sex is (or at least MP Nut Bantadtan) and have an appreciation for women’s endowments but know where to find it on the Internet! Hmmm…think the Parliament’s Internet connection is uncensored by MICT???

The thought of sex with a politician, frankly, makes us choke on our lunch. We certainly don’t want to see any of them breeding more of their mutant spawn now they’ve discovered s-e-x… Ewwww!


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