FACTflash: Robinlea’s awesome Thai resource

April 13, 2012

By way of Political Prisoners in Thailand, we discovered Robinlea, a website of Thai resources from FACT signer and indefatigable commentator John Francis Lee.

Robinlea.com doesn’t seem to get you in but http://robinlea.com/pub/ gives a comprehensive collection of resources on Thailand, many of which are blocked in Thailand or not easily available.

There’s lots of creativity to be found here such as some great inspirational antiwar music by Buffy Sainte-Marie, John Coltrane, Jerry Garcia and others.

Robinlea also offers a WikiLeaks section on Thailand here: http://robinlea.com/pub/20120410-PPT_wikileaks4.html. We hope posting will continue until all 3,500 US diplomatic cables are available in this easily accessible format.

Thanks, John, from all of us!


One Response to “FACTflash: Robinlea’s awesome Thai resource”

  1. http://robinlea.com/wordpress is the indefatigable source. So far.

    I haven’t kept the index of pub up to date, I’m afraid… maybe I’ll make that a project.

    I’m talking to myself there, primarily, but anyone else who cares to is welcome to eavesdrop, and/or comment.

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