China blocks ALL foreign websites-Daily Mail

April 13, 2012

‘Great Firewall of China’ briefly blocks ALL foreign websites – is regime’s censorship tightening?

Rob Waugh

Daily Mail: April 12, 2012–regimes-censorship-tightening.html?ITO=1490


China’s draconian internet censorship system – known as ‘the Great Firewall of China’ – intensified briefly today, blocking ALL foreign websites.

Observers speculated that the system could be being upgraded to further tighten the regime’s control over foreign sites.

Users in Beijing, Shanghai and elsewhere in China reported that they were unable to access any foreign sites at all.

Internet cafe in Beijing: Users reported being unable to access ANY foreign sites today

China already heavily restricts access to many foreign sites.

China blocks Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and many other websites citing a need to maintain social stability.

‘Latest news: most foreign websites can’t be accessed,’ said  a company, Data Centre for China Internet.

‘Analysis: for commonly known reasons, a large number of foreign URLs are blocked.

‘It is possible that the great firewall is undergoing some readjustment, mistakenly adding many foreign websites to the blocking list. The details are unclear.’

Others speculated that the ‘outage’ could be caused by damage to undersea cabling caused by the earthquakes on Wednesday this week.

The change in the service came as China faced renewed attack from Western ‘hacktivists’ for its restrictive internet policies and human rights violations.

The activist hacker group Anonymous plans to launch further attacks on Chinese government websites in a bid to uncover corruption and lobby for human rights, a member of the group said on Monday.

Hacker group Anonymous has said it intends to launch a full-scale attack against the ‘Great Firewall of China’

Anonymous, a loosely knit group that has attacked financial and government websites around the world, hacked into Chinese government websites last week, defacing several, media reports said.

The group used the Twitter account ‘Anonymous China’ to publicise the attacks, posting links to data files that contained passwords and other personal information from the hacked websites.

‘First we want to alert the Chinese government that we aren’t afraid, and we are going to show the truth and fight for justice,’ Anonymous hacker ‘f0ws3r’ said.

The hacker, who declined to provide any personal details, was contacted through Anonymous China’s Twitter page. F0ws3r said the group planned more serious attacks against Chinese websites.

‘Yes, we are planning more attacks, a few at a time,’ f0ws3r said, adding that the plan was to take down the ‘Great Firewall of China’.

Read more:–regimes-censorship-tightening.html#ixzz1rr8uWE4L


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