April 6, 2012

Elegy for Viktor Bout, Lament for America

America tries to rule its world

with baits and lures and traps.

The kind where you

chew your own leg off.

America’s cannibal world is

shiny as a chrome bumper

wrapped in plastic for shipping.

America shows no respect

or interest

for the sovereignty

of other peoples and cultures.

It puts on its tin star,

swaggers into town and

bullies the locals into submission.

I know this

because it happened in my town:


this travesty

of entrapment by foreign agents,

of kidnap and rendition,

while Thailand’s crooked smile

looked the other way.

America loves killing.

The world is its videogame.

Serial killer, mass murderer,

war criminal.

War is good for business.

So when a new boy on the block,

small as an ant,

came to the Empire’s notice,

America yawned, stretched,

scratched its round belly and

flicked the lever

to set its well-oiled machines

into motion.

America says who can fight and why.

America tells you who to hate.

America owns the game.

America is the bank.

America doesn’t want any ants

spoiling its picnic.

Capitalists hate competition.

Who speaks for freedom?

Not America’s just-us.

Viktor Bout was sentenced

in Hollywood today.

And no one mentions

the real Merchant of Death,

the real Lord of War…


CJ Hinke


April 5, 2012

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