Vote Rick Falkvinge for Time Magazine’s 100-Infopolicy

April 4, 2012

Rick Falkvinge Nominated For The TIME 100 – Online Poll In Progress

Rick Falkvinge

Falkvinge on Infopolicy: March 29, 2012



I’ve been nominated to the list of the 100 most influential people in the world, as determined by the prestigious TIME Magazine. 200 people have been selected as finalists in the nomination process, me being one of them, and the final list will contain 100 people. The poll is currently online: you can vote.

After being picked as one of the top 100 global thinkers by Foreign Policy magazine last year, it’s certainly an honor to be considered one of the 200 most influential people in the world (across all categories), with an opportunity to make it into the final list of the 100 most influential.

Vote for me here right away (“Should Rick Falkvinge be on the list? Definitely!”). It’s just one click on the page, and makes a difference for how seriously the ideas are taken at a crucial time in our growth phase.

From what I can see, two Swedish people have made it as finalists – myself and Spotify’s Daniel Ek. Looking through the list of people, it’s certainly a prestigious company to be in.

But the most important thing here is that I’m not primarily on the list as an individual, but as a carrier of new and important ideas – as a symbol for a large movement demanding civil liberties for the next generation.

You can help that cause of net-generation civil liberties by making sure that the only pirate on the list makes the final 100. That is a statement in itself.

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