Vice calls Thailand ‘world’s brothel’-Nation

April 4, 2012

[FACT comments: Gotta say we love Vice (both kinds!), a free mag which started in Canada. They do cutting edge stuff. Couldn’t find the URL for this show, though. Grow a skin, eh!]

Ministerial action over TV comment urged

Janjira Jarusupawat

The Nation: March 27, 2012


Gay rights defender Nathee Theerarojanapong yesterday urged Culture Minister Sukumol Kunplome to act against writer/TV host Lakkhana “Kham Phaka” Panwichai whose television show claimed Thailand was the world’s brothel.

Nathee submitted the letter to Sukumol yesterday morning calling for legal action against Lakkhana through the Chiang Mai Cultural Office at the City Hall Complex. A copy was also sent to Chiang Mai Governor Panadda Disakul, and a complaint filed against Lakkhana at the Chang Pheuk police station.

Nathee claimed that Lakkhana’s Kid len hen tang kub kham phaka (Think differently, play differently with kham phaka) television programme on Vice TV channel had shown the damaging message “Thailand is the world’s brothel” several times during midMarch.

Nathee’s Chiang Mai Ariya Group and allies want Sukumol to proceed with legal action against Lakkhana, saying the comment was an insult to Thais and similar remarks should be prevented in the future.


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