Letter from gaol widow to anti-112 prof-Prachatai

April 4, 2012

Letter from the Wife of “Ah Kong” to Professor Worachet

Prachatai: March 31, 2012



Mrs. Rosmalin Tangnoppakul, the wife of Mr. Amphon Tangnoppakul, who was prosecuted and convicted to 20 years in prison under Article 112, wrote a letter to Professor Worachet Pakeerut after he was assaulted in late February 2012.  The attack on Professor Worachet came after the Khana Nitirat (“Law for the People”) proposed the amendment of Article 112.  Prachatai received permission from Mrs. Rosmalin to publish the letter.


Dear Professor Worachet,

I am the wife of “Ah Kong,” or Mr. Ampon Tangnoppakul, who was charged under Article 112.  I sympathize and am pained by what happened to you — all I can think of is the Stone Age.  Yet I am still confident and understand that you will promote the endurance of the logic and reason of truth in this society. This will have effects on the people from the grass roots up to the towering trees, who will also benefit. We will all try to clarify the things you have already illuminated.  We will do so in order to make it clearly understood that you are not as they have accused you of being. You have contributed to make a contorted society move on a straight line.  You have sacrificed yourself for the benefit of all people.  If every person came together in support of tremendous justice, it would be as if the high mountain surrendered to dissolve stone by stone and grain of sand by grain of sand. This would fill in the ravine to create one land, a land of equality and solidarity.  There would be parity in the land. There would be peace for the dirt that has a sky high above with compassion for the ground. I respect you and all intellectuals who look towards the future and the next generation. I truly admire you. And, whether or not I should, I have to apologize for my penmanship and writing.  I respectfully apologize because I only completed primary school. I have no more and no less wisdom than this for you.

With greatest respect,

Mrs. Rosmalin Tangnoppakul

Translated by Tyrell Haberkorn.




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