Use Global Proxy Clous to circumvent censorship

March 28, 2012

[FACT comments: We’ve just set up an account. Please send us user feedback on your experience.]

Welcome to the Global Proxy Cloud.

The Global Proxy Cloud is a service that allows people like you to create a pathway for citizens living in repressive regimes to safely bypass their country’s firewall, and gain access to the open internet. With only a few mouse clicks, you can set up a safe route that will give hundreds of people in even the most heavily-censored countries a safe and unrestricted link to the rest of the world, for a whole year.

Click here to join:

Join the Global Proxy Cloud and help others jump the censorship firewall!

[NOTE: After confirming your account with Amazon Cloud Services, the second part is an eight slide SLIDESHOW. Click on the arrows on either side to proceed to the next step or go back.]

• The Global Proxy Cloud is powered by Tor, a highly-respected software that allows people behind firewalls to safely, securely, and anonymously access the open internet.

• Because you’ll be installing Tor in the cloud, joining will not affect your own bandwidth or connection speed.

• People who use the cloud to bypass censorship will not be associated with your computer or IP address.

• The Global Proxy Cloud is set up using a free-trial through Amazon Web Services. It’s free for most people, but the more your cloud is used, it may cost a small amount to maintain — up to $3 a month.

Every day, people in countries like Syria and Iran can’t get to the open internet. The Global Proxy Cloud gives them that chance, and your contribution will grow the cloud and increase its capabilities. Get set up and start fighting censorship today!

See you in the cloud,

Brett, Joe, Jochai, Gustaf, Raegan, Aasil, and the rest of the Access Team

P.S. If you’re interested in joining but have more questions, feel free to go to the FAQ. Or you can email us directly at

Access is an international NGO that promotes open access to the internet as a means to free, full and safe participation in society and the realization of human rights. To help protect the internet around the world, you can donate to Access To reply, please email To unsubscribe, go to:


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