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March 28, 2012

Broadly App-Onymous With the CyberGhost Privacy Browser for iPad, iPod touch & iPhone

MarketWatch: March 15, 2012


Safe and anonymous on the Internet: No big deal on desktop PCs, but more or less limited to experts on mobile devices. Until now, since the new ‘CyberGhost Privacy Browser’ for iPad, iPod touch and iPhone is exactly targeting that and will save Internet users a lot of time and energy, which otherwise would be spent on complicated configuration works. With the ‘CyberGhost Privacy Browser’ there’s no need to be an expert anymore just to enjoy a borderless and free Internet on mobile Apple devices — privacy included.

Virtual private networks help to secure the Internet for surfers and other users alike, protect their privacy and reestablish recently vanished liberties like access to any media worldwide. But what has become an easy everyday procedure for regular PC users is still a tough task on mobile devices: To get the respective gadget ready to go for a fast anonymization just by pushing a button — or better: touching a button.

This is going to change from now on, because CyberGhost just released its brand new ‘CyberGhost Privacy Browser,’ which enables iPad and iPhone users to do very much the same as they are used to on their desktop systems: being anonymized into the Internet without any hassles. Moreover, though, CyberGhost goes even one step further and establishes a strong encryption between the respective device and its server (where users will be anonymized and finally released into the Internet), providing security from being spied on when using public Hotspots, private Internet cafes and WLANs.

The CyberGhost Privacy Browser protects data and helps accessing blocked content

Using the ‘CyberGhost Privacy Browser’ untraceably encrypts one’s data and is unidentifiable on the Internet through very fast and proficient servers — instead of sending one’s valuable data like credit card numbers and/or perhaps even highly ‘explosive’ information for all the world to see.

But the app can do much more than ‘just’ secure Internet connections against data sniffers and hackers. It enables users to circumvent access restrictions to beat censors and ‘roadblocks’ in the Internet and to free blocked content. The latter is undoubtedly essential, if one is abroad and tries to connect to one’s favorite TV station or video platform, because being identified as an ‘outlander’ by the recent IP address one uses, one will be blocked from all content not available for the respective country. Another example: Somebody wants to watch a video on YouTube, but is not allowed to, because it’s not available in the country one is staying in. The CyberGhost app corrects that and supplies any iPad or iPhone user with the ‘right’ IP address — by just touching some buttons and without the need for complicated configuration work.

Downloader, browser simulation and trash mail function included

An integrated downloader makes it possible to fetch videos from selected platforms and save them on one’s iPhone or iPad for later viewing or for times without any Internet connection. In addition, the CyberGhost app is able to simulate the Safari browser, a function many Apple fans will appreciate very soon, since it allows access to websites that are blocked for Apple’s desktop browser for certain reasons: be it somebody does not like Apple products, be it a webpage designer being afraid his content will not be depicted correctly, or be it a publisher hiding his offers behind a paywall.

Another charm winner: The likewise integrated trash mail function allows users to generate time limited email addresses, which will expire after six hours and protect one’s true inbox from spam, while an internal email client will get all mails to this address and save them on the respective device.

System requirements, prices and availability

The ‘CyberGhost Privacy Browser’ can be used on all devices with at least iOS 3.2 (default for iPad 1, iPhone 3G) and which connect to the Internet via WLAN, Mobile Edge or 3G. Available through Apple’s iTunes Store, the app will cost only $4.99 while being introduced, later on $5.99. No additional monthly fees!

About CyberGhost VPN

Privacy, freedom and security are getting kicked out of the Internet step by step. Companies and governments alike sniff deep into the intimate matters of their customers and citizens, while free time hackers lurk in public WLANs and arbitrary content like certain videos and important information are blocked in specific regions or countries. Using CyberGhost VPN, one surfs the Internet anonymously, protects one’s privacy against data miners and unlocks blocked content.

About CyberGhost S.R.L. Founded 2011 in Bucharest, Romania, CyberGhost S.R.L. is one of the most known VPN suppliers in Germany and Western Europe. The company consists of 15 employees, among them the primary creative programmers in Germany and a group of young, highly motivated IT experts at the company’s headquarters in Bucharest, Romania, who established in an extremely short time an extraordinary service with more than 1 million users. Built to provide the best and most effective way of Internet security: anonymity!

Moreover, based on their years of experience in the field of Internet anonymity, networking and their own net lobbying, the company accomplishes important contributions regarding the support of civil rights, a free society and an uncensored Internet culture. Apart from its most important service, CyberGhost VPN, the company provides a cost free web proxy, available through

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