USA: Where do third-graders go to learn oral sex?-Raw Story

March 25, 2012

[FACT comments: According to other news reports, there was a second incident in the same (male) teacher’s classroom where two kids took off some of their clothes. (That’s not sex.) Oakland is a mostly poor and black community, lots of drug use and prostitution. And pornography is, of course, everywhere, not just in Oakland. Kids are all about monkey see, monkey do. Are we making a big deal about this because it was in public rather than private? Were they a boy and girl or two boys? Does it matter? How would the teacher’s closer supervision or intervention have helped? (We’ve read elsewhere he was suspended pending an investigation, not fired.) Kids experiment, get over it.]

Teacher fired over claims third graders had oral sex

David Edwards

Raw Story: March 23, 2012


A teacher in Louisiana has been fired because two third-grade students reportedly had oral sex in her classroom.

Madison Parish Schools Superintendent Lisa Wilmore said that the dismissal took place after an investigation at Tallulah Elementary School where the teacher works, according to The News Star.

“These kids were allegedly having oral sex under a table,” Wilmore said. “They were third-graders.”

“The principal felt that she was not monitoring the classroom adequately,” she explained. “The principal made a decision, and I supported the principal. We have to make sure we have people in these classrooms who are monitoring our students.”

The parish superintendent added that the firing of the third-grade teacher and the firing of a Madison Parish High School teacher for substance abuse were part of a “change the culture” for the district.

“We are working on creating a culture where children can feel safe, loved and protected, and that’s quite a challenge,” Wilmore remarked.

The Madison Parish Schools district ranks 59 out of 62 in the state, based on student achievement, drop outs and attendance data.

(H/T: Newser)

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