USA: Prez candidate’s preacher says, “Buddhists get out!”-AlterNet

March 25, 2012

[FACT comments: Finally, Buddhists are getting some recognition! Thank Buddha!]

‘Muslims & Buddhists: Get Out!’ Says Preacher Applauded by Santorum

Adele M. Stan

AlterNet: March 20, 2012


It’s no secret that Rick Santorum, the right wing’s current favorite Republican presidential candidate, thinks LGBT people are perverts. (I mean, how else do you explain that famous “man-on-dog” quote?) And we know that he thinks Satan has America in his sights because the nation’s institutions do not conform to Santorum’s idea of Christianity.

But at an event this weekend in Louisiana, Santorum, accompanied by Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, the hatefulness of the Santorum agenda was exposed as the former senator from Pennsylvania applauded Pastor Dennis Terry of the Greenwell Springs Baptist Church, as he spewed hatred from the pulpit for gays, Muslims and Buddhists, the latter of whom he suggested don’t really belong in America.

And then he prayed over Santorum, asking for his angry, intolerant God to “have favor upon Rick Santorum,” a blessing the candidate freely accepted.

Right Wing Watch obtained video of Terry’s tirade and his blessing of Santorum (h/t Sarah Posner of Religion Dispatches), and posted the relevant bits.

Speaking of LGBT people and marriage equality, Terry said: “As long as sexual perversion is being normalized, somebody needs to stand up and say, ‘God have mercy on us! God, forgive us!'”

(Terry is well-known among LGBT activists for his anti-gay rants. Jeremy Hooper of Good As You has put together a chilling compendium of those comments, including audio.)

Then, in the same sentence as he incredulously claims the founding of the United States as a Christian nation, Terry lets loose on liberals, Muslims and Buddhists. Here, via the New York Times:

“I don’t care what the liberals say, I don’t care what the naysayers say, this nation was founded as a Christian nation,” Mr. Terry said.

“There’s only one God, and his name is Jesus,” he continued. “I’m tired of people telling me that I can’t say those words. I’m tired of people telling us as Christians that we can’t voice our beliefs or we can no longer pray in public. Listen to me. If you don’t love America, if you don’t like the way we do things, I have one thing to say — get out!”

Thunderous applause interrupted him before he went on.

“We don’t worship Buddha! I said we don’t worship Buddha, we don’t worship Muhammad, we don’t worship Allah, we worship God, we worship God’s son Jesus Christ.”

Here’s how the Times describes Santorum’s reaction:

As the congregation gave Mr. Terry an enthusiastic standing ovation, Mr. Santorum also stood and applauded.


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