March 24th – Canadian Day of Action For a Free Internet-PPC

March 19, 2012

Stop C-30 and C-11!

The Conservative Party has introduced two pieces of legislation to Parliament that threaten the future of the Internet in Canada.

The Orwellian surveillance enabled by Bill C-30 combined with loss of rights as consumers and Internet users in Bill C-11 casts a dark shadow over the future of the Internet in Canada… Unless we fight this legislation! Whether you are a member of the NDP, Liberals, Greens, are a Pirate, or don’t vote, come out with us on March 24th and fight for our Internet freedom.


Full Text of Bill


The first is the well known warrantless surveillance bill, also known as “lawful access”. It made headlines when Conservative MP Vic Toews told Liberal public safety critic Francis Scarpaleggia he could “either stand with us or with the child pornographers.” The ensuing backlash gave way to public humiliation of Toews on social media.

For a good summary on Lawful Access and why it is awful for Canada, we recommend this short documentary.


Full Text of Bill
This legislation would see Canadians treated like criminals by making it illegal to jailbreak your phone with the digital lock provisions, and by allowing up to $5000 in statutory damage fines for copyright infringement like downloading a movie or some music. Efforts to introduce Bill C-11 were also nearly completely driven driven by the same American entities that supported the Internet censorship legislation SOPA.



The US copyright lobby is pushing for powers that include website blocking, Internet termination for unproven allegations of infringement, and huge threats for sites that host user-generated content (like YouTube) in addition to the most restrictive digital lock provisions in the world via international treaty. The decisions are made behind closed doors and without public input.

ACTA (The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) is the result of long and secret negotiations between the United States copyright lobbyists, and unelected trade representatives to create a legal framework to safeguard the copyright monopoly against new technology. When a working draft leaked in 2008 to Wikileaks, it became clear the startling civil rights implications of the agreement. Recently, there have been large coordinated European protests against ACTA.

Similar provisions have been slipped into the TPP (trans-pacific partnership. The proposals have been accused of being excessively restrictive, providing intellectual property restraints beyond those in the Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement and Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, and could limit developing countries’ access to affordable medication.

How can I help?

Sign these petitions:

Stop Online Spying – on Bill C-30

No Internet Lockdown! – on Bill C-11, ACTA, and TPP

How else you can help:

If your city isn’t confirmed on the list on this page, organize your own local demonstration for this day. Make a post on the Canada-wide page about your event. Contact the admins of any local pages to ask how you can help. We also need information (pamphlets, posters, etc.) created for distribution at these events. This information can be posted on the Canada-wide event page. Most importantly, spread word of this legislation! Educate others about how their Internet freedom is being taken from them and how they can fight it.

See Also: Pirate Party Privacy and Censorship Circumvention Solutions

Operation Electronic Leviathan

As a response to warrantless surveillance Bill C-30, Bill C-11, SOPA, and all similar future legislation the Pirate Party of Canada is initiating Operation Electronic Leviathan. This operation aims to establish mass decentralized distribution of information on anonymity networks and encryption tools people can use to share files and chat anonymously and privately.

Confirmed Cities













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