Govt colleagues missing corruption already-Bangkok Post

March 12, 2012

Supinya’s gift comments spark tension

Komsan Tortermvasan

Bangkok Post: March 9, 2012


Some members of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission are feeling ”uncomfortable” after a colleague called for a new code of conduct regarding corporate gift giving, a commissioner says.

Tensions within the NTBC have been mounting after commissioner Supinya Klangnarong on Wednesday called for the NBTC to draw up a code of conduct on gifts after a telecom giant tried to give her an iPhone, which she refused.

Companies also donated 21 expensive gifts for lucky draws at a New Year party at the NBTC, it was revealed.

The disclosure has led to some members of the 11-strong NTBC querying whether Ms Supinya is acting as a commissioner or activist.

Ms Supinya said she raised the issue as she regarded the acceptance of such gifts might be construed as a conflict of interest and violate an anti-corruption rule which bars government officials from receiving gifts worth more than 3,000 baht.

One commissioner, who asked not to be named, said he plans to raise Ms Supinya’s disclosure at the next board meeting. He said the commission might resort to issuing a warning to Ms Supinya.

”Her non-creative disclosure about the gifts has severely damaged the reputation of the regulatory organisation,” he said. A commissioner’s decision to accept or reject a gift is within his or her ability to make and need not be publicised through the media.

Another NBTC member said Ms Supinya’s disclosure has not only diminished the organisation’s credibility but her own too. ”A regulator must possess a good character, they must be a cool-headed and credible person,” he said.

A third NBTC member who wished not to be named said Ms Supinya’s remarks could lead to a rift within the organisation.

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