60 years of oppression in Thailand-Junya Yimprasert

March 12, 2012

[FACT comments: The author of this thoughtful paper is a founding FACT signer. It’s blocked, of course. we have no idea why govt wouldn’t want you to read this. Guess they’re afraid we might wake up and think for ourselves…]

PDF English: 60-Years-of-Oppression-in-Thailand

Alternate PDF English: UPD to world leaders Eng.pdf 3.57 MB

PDF Thai: Thailand files for world leaders Thai.pdf 993.31 kB

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“This document brings together some of the evidence of the fearful tension that underlies the power struggle between the Institution of Monarchy and the Parliament of the People, tension that must be faced with dispassionate reasoning by all sides if the governance of Thailand is to mature in the name of peace and sustainable development.

Between these two competing forces there squats the greatly over-grown, hugely self-important Royal Thai Army – playing the game of ‘protecting the Monarch’ from ‘corrupt government’.

Our decision, after April-May 2010, to attempt to fill the void of public data about the fallen heroes of the people’s struggle for democracy gradually became an eye-opener – even for the seasoned activist, not just because of the number of top-down political assassinations but because of the consistency of the top-down brutality throughout the 6 decades of the current kingship.

In this document about the Land of Smiles we bring forward evidence, since 1947, of close to 11 000 people who, in one way or other, were assassinated in their struggle for democratic representation. For six decades the power elite in Thailand has done all it can to cover-up the trail of extra-judicial political killing it oversees with impunity, and it must be understood that the figure of 11 000 is probably less than half, or even only one third, of the actual level of sacrifice. Sustainable development and state violence in the name of protecting ‘national borders, Buddhism and King’ are incompatible.

The rulers and high administrators in Thailand must either face, or be made to face, their own feudalism. And, the ‘International Community’ needs to understand that, as with Burma, if it does not respond to the reality behind the smiles, the pain behind the smiles will only harden.

After 60 years of non-stop monarcho-militarism, heavy censorship and brain-washing about what it means to be ‘Good People’ or ‘True Thai’, the people of Thailand are facing a crisis of selfconfidence that is challenging their traditional submissiveness and their loss of ability to be truthful. As the people say in Thailand: ‘Truth cannot be eaten but it can bring you death’.

The data in this report serves to confirm that, for the ordinary people, fear of political victimisation and death is real, and is the reason why people in ‘Amazing Thailand’ cannot speak the truth, and the reason why the data in this document has never been brought together before. Never-the-less, despite 60 years of autocratic oppression and suppression, the people’s uprising that followed the 2006 military coup shows that the process of democratisation that began with the abolition of absolute monarchy in 1932 is alive and stronger than ever.

The next step in the process of building ‘Thai Democracy’ is to remove lès majesté as a weapon of the ruling elite.

Junya Yimprasert

Action for People’s Democracy, Thailand (ACT4DEM)
General Secretary, Union for People’s Democracy (UPD)


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