New, stronger emergency powers sought-The Nation

March 5, 2012

[FACT comments: This comes as so-what news. Thai govt has multiple forms of martial law at its instant disposal.]

Emergency decree should be repealed: panel

The Nation: March 2, 2012


A legislative panel has called for the repeal of the emergency decree on the grounds that provisions were not designed to handle street protests.

The panel, appointed by the House speaker and headed by former lawmaker Prasob Busarakham, on Friday submitted its report on the enforcement of the emergency decree.

Prasob said a key finding was the decree had been improperly invoked to quell street protests even though it was not designed for keeping peace at political rallies.

He said the decree should be upgraded into an act of Parliament in order to allow a full debate on how to update the emergency provisions to keep up with change in the security situation.

In regard to the street protests, he said a new agency should be formed specialising on crowd control.

“The deployment of soldiers to disperse the crowd was improper leading to fatal losses,” he said.

He also argued that the emergency decree, if repealed, would not impact on the operations to quell violence in the South because the situation could be handled via the Internal Security Act.


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