PC: Use ST Proxy Switcher to access blocked sites-Bangkok post

February 28, 2012

Access blocked sites

Wanda Sloan

Bangkok Post: February 28, 2012



I just can’t think of any reason why a person might want to look at internet pages that have been blocked by authorities who know much more than the rest of us about what we should see.

Using ST Proxy Switcher is simple. Check that the proxy you’ve chosen is working, then activate it. The program does all the hard work behind the scenes.

But I do have something for the tiny handful of malcontents and dissidents who think they have the right to see stuff blocked by our highly competent officials, or by the patriotic phuyai of the BBC and other broadcast networks.

Just in case my law-abiding readers (but I repeat myself) have relations with such people _ friends are never perfect after all _ here is something you can tell them.

The way around bosses and bossy censors has always been the proxy, and just about any software seller in the land can recommend various forms. ST-Proxy Switcher takes the ease and simplicity of proxies to new heights, however. The program is essentially a list of proxies worldwide. If your eyes glazed over there, don’t worry; for your purpose it means websites maintained by nice people who let you use their uncensored internet connection, just by browsing them. When ST Proxy Switcher loads, you get the chance to load or download lists of such sites. Once downloaded, you can pick one proxy from the list, and try to use it. In effect, it replaces your Internet Provider, so instead of having to go through, say, TOT or True Move providers here in Thailand, you are in effect using some provider in Germany or the US, for example. And your Thai provider’s software is entirely okay with this.

If you ever have used a proxy, ST Proxy Switcher will impress you with its ease, right away. If you’re completely new to bypassing censorship this way, it should take you no more than a few minutes to read up on how to use this program and be up to speed. The homepage and download links for the program are at http://www.st-proxyswitcher.com.

Email: wandasloan@gmail.com


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