One more death sentence for lèse majesté-Nation

February 28, 2012

[FACT comments: We are becoming steadily more convinced that police, politicians, the military and the judiciary are conspiring in a plot to abolish Thailand’s monarchy. Amphon is 62, he was sentenced to 20 years. Now Surachai, 69, is sentenced to 15 years of which he must serve seven and a half years. These are death sentences. If all govt is so narrowminded to think there will be no public backlash which will inevitably blame the king, they need to go back and repeat that year at the school for special needs. This sentence is one more nail in a coffin for the monarchy.]


Surachai convicted for lese majeste

The Nation: February 28, 2012


The Criminal Court on Tuesday found red-shirt leader Surachai Danwattananusorn, or Sae Dan, guilty of royal insult.

The court sentenced him to serve a total of 7.5 years in jail for three counts of lese majeste.

Red Siam Group leader Surachai’s original sentencing was 15 years but the court cited his confession as grounds for leniency to halve his jail term.

The verdict was based on Surachai’s three rally speeches in Udon Thani, Chiang Mai and Bangkok in 2010.

The defence team said Surachai will seek a royal pardon.

Earlier Surachai vowed to begin a hunger strike if he is not moved to the new detention centre for political prisoners in Bangkok’s Lak Si district.

His wife, Pranee, quoted Surachai, 69, as saying he was disheartened by the fact that he and another red shirt lese majeste detainee, Somyos Prueksakasem-suk, were not regarded as political prisoners.

Forty-seven red shirts sentenced for crimes related to the April-May 2010 clashes were moved to the new detention centre on Tuesday. However, none of the 10 or so known lese-majeste detainees have been transferred despite a proposal by the Truth for Reconciliation Committee of Thailand (TRCT). The government said it would consult with the TRCT.

One Response to “One more death sentence for lèse majesté-Nation”

  1. In December 2005 HM King Bhumipol denounced lese majeste persecutions, pointing out that they dehumainzed him, the King.

    Has he changed his mind?

    His silence now allows the persecutions to continue.

    ‘Double.standard’ was a big theme of his in 2005 as well.

    He didn’t approve of double standards then… has he changed his mind now on double standards as well?

    Or is HM the King held captive, drugged and sedated, at Sriraj Hospital?

    This is ceratinly a low point of his reign.

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