Thailand’s latest ‘war on drugs’ bags 130,000 arrests-MCOT

February 18, 2012

[FACT comments: Some readers might think this a a good thing: “Serves them right.” But that’s precisely the same narrow-minded, conservative attitude with no Buddhist compassion that hyperRoyalists are freaking out about for any comments on our monarchy. Elsewhere on FACTsite, Ajarn Giles Ungpakorn has written that Thailand now ranks 17th worldwide in prisoners per capita. That’s a good thing? That solves society’s problems? No…that’s just revenge. How many of these were arrests by entrapment? Have these people actually hurt anybody (except maybe themselves)? Not only is this a shameful waste of public resources about which Thai taxpayers should revolt, but our future generations will pay heavily for the shortsightedness of creating a prisoner class in ‘modern’ Thailand.]

Over 130,000 persons arrested for drugs-related charges over past four months

MCOT News: February 13, 2012

Thailand’s Office of Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) on Sunday reported that 135,445 persons were arrested on drug-related charges over the past four months as part of the government’s illicit drug suppression policy.

The ONCB reported the arrests accounted for 35 percent of the government’s target, which came under the “War on Drugs” policy.

Between September 11, 2011 and Jan 31, 2012, 135,445 suspects were arrested in 141,031 drug-related cases. Among them, 21,064 were considered “important” cases.

16 millions methamphetamine pills, 600 kilogrammes of crystal methamphetamine (commonly known as “ice”), 200 kilogrammes of heroin, 3,000 kilogrammes of marijuana and four million pseudoephedrine pills were seized, with a total street value of about Bt600 million.

1,527 drug cases resulted in asset freeze of involved persons, according to the anti-narcotics office.

The ONCB said Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Yubamrung, in his capacity as Director of the National Command Center for Drugs (NCCD), is scheduled to chair a meeting on Monday to summarize the government’s drug crackdown in the last four months and lay out new measures for the second phase of operations.

Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm earlier pledged that the drug problem was on the national agenda and that relevant authorities would be able to make considerable advances in the “War on Drugs” within one year. (MCOT online news)


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