Thai MPs vow to ignore anti-LM law campaign-Nation

February 18, 2012

[FACT comments: We call them ‘ostriches’ for good reason! If 10K citizen voters sign for amendment, Parliament is obligated by the Thai Constitution to debate and vote on the matter. Any MP who refuses to do so must be stripped of their seat in Parliament. The fact is, this campaign is about freedom of expression in Thailand as much as anything. Whether or not the law is repealed or reformed, we have a right to be heard!]

House to ignore lese-majesty law amendment bill

The Nation: February 8, 2012


Both coalition and opposition MPs will ignore any bill submitted by the people to amend Article 112 of the Criminal Code, the spokesman of the House speaker said Wednesday.

Wattana Sengpairoh, the personal spokesman of House Speaker Somsak Kiartsuranon, said although voters or civil groups would gather signatures to sponsor a bill to amend Article 112, the House would leave the bill to lapse.

Wattana said both the coalition and opposition saw that the article should not be amened.

“So, I am making this announcement so that the society could feel relieved. The Pheu Thai has 265 MPs and it will not support any bill that seeks to amend Article 112. The opposition will not support the bill either. If such a bill is submitted the House, it will be left pending and eventually lapse,” Wattana said.

The Nitiraj group of law academics has announced that it would gather signatures of voters to sponsor a bill to amend the lese-majesty law.


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