Japan: Tokyo governor refuses citizen referendum on nuke plants-Yomiuri

February 18, 2012

[FACT comments: One more mouth-breathing pol saying, “I don’t care ‘bout no steenking signatures from no steenking citizens!” Oh, sound familiar?!? Where have I heard that before???]

Tokyo governor opposes ‘nuke vote’

The Yomiuri Shimbun: February 12, 2012



Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara has spoken against establishing an ordinance to hold a referendum among residents of the capital on whether the operation of nuclear power plants should be allowed.

“It’s impossible to create such an ordinance, and I have no intention of doing so,” Ishihara said during a regular press conference Friday.

Ishihara’s comments came as it appeared likely a citizens advocacy group that aims to bring about the referendum in Tokyo would succeed in its campaign to collect the number of signatures legally required to directly petition the metropolitan government to establish an ordinance.

The citizens group is called “Let’s Decide Together/Citizen-initiated National Referendum on Nuclear Power.”

Ishihara criticised activity against nuclear power, saying: “The most troublesome thing among humans is sentiment. Because Japanese have the trauma of atomic bombs, people speak (against nuclear power plants) out of fear.

“The progress of human beings has been achieved through their own development of technology, overcoming setbacks and failures.”

If the group submits a direct petition for a referendum ordinance to the governor, Ishihara will have to submit a bill for the ordinance to the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly with his opinion attached.

The assembly will then deliberate whether to create such an ordinance.


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