DSI may drop some L-M charges-PPT

January 31, 2012

[CJ Hinke of FACT comments: We free speech activists have to come up with a better term for our opposition. I’m tired of the term “royalist” because it is nothing less than a craven abuse of the monarchy. They’re against any kind of change, no matter how reasonable.

There are a few synonyms on the Internet but none of them really fit. ‘Ostriches’, perhaps, with their heads in the sand? ‘Intransigents’? ‘Hard-heads’? ‘Old-liners’? FACT readers, help me out here!]

Some lese majeste cases to be dropped by DSI?

Political Prisoners in Thailand: January 8, 2012



In the Bangkok Post there is an interesting interview with Police Colonel Prawet Mukpramol, deputy chief of the Department of Special Investigation. The whole interview deserves consideration. We found this particularly of interest:

[Q:] It sounds as though we won’t be able to hold anyone and that the suspects will be let off the hook. Is that right?

[A:] Yes, we can say the cases pertaining to the attempted overthrow of monarchy are empty. The charges are rather unsubstantiated because there is no charge against offenders operating as a group.

For the most part, the accusers in these cases claimed to have read [about the wrongdoing] in newspapers and from the internet.

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