Akong SMS Ampol to appeal 20-year sentence-PPT

January 31, 2012

[FACT comments: The decision whether to appeal is a tough one. A prisoner might serve significantly less time by applying for a Royal pardon. It’s one or the other. Applying for a Royal pardon expressly implies one’s guilt. Appeals can take years. And Uncle SMS is not so young. There are grave doubts he is guilty. Govt failed to prove he sent the SMS texts but the judge found him guilty because his defence could not conclusively prove he did not. That certainly is not guilty without reasonable doubt. He should have been acquitted! It’s hard not to wonder what goes on inside the head of such a judge, hard not to wonder how he sleeps at night. After all, Ampol could be his grandfather. It’s also hard to imagine the learned judge could not have foreseen the public backlash his 20-year sentence bring. Thailand’s shame…]

Lese majeste victim Ampol to appeal

Political Prisoners in Thailand: January 22, 2012



Ampol and grandchildren

The Bangkok Post reports that Ampol Tangnopakul is to appeal his lese majeste conviction for sending messages supposedly denigrating the queen to then prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva’s secretary Somkiat Krongwattanasuk.

Lawyer Arnon Nampa said he would also apply for bail for Ampol. He is serving a ridiculous 20 years in jail.

Arnon said Ampol’s appeal would focus on the possibility of IMEI identification number forgery, missing files and documents and discrepancies in the testimonies of prosecution witnesses, and discrepancies in evidence on the location of servers and phone. Again, “Arnon insisted Ampon does not know how to use SMS texting,” insisting that receiving text messages is quite different from sending them.

These issues are not new, but were earlier dismissed by the trial judge. That judge’s performace was disgraceful.

Ampol continues to maintain his innocence.

As an appeal can take 2-3 years, Arnon wants bail for his client.


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