Defend Bradley Manning, drop ‘aiding the enemy’ charge

January 23, 2012

Call General Linnington – Tell him to drop the charge of ‘aiding the enemy’ January 20, 2012


The Bradley Manning Support Network has just been notified that the recommendations made last week by Lt. Col. Paul Almanza, who presided over last month’s Article 32 hearing, have been passed up the chain of command by Col. Carl R. Coffman Jr.  This means that Lt. Col. Almanza, and now Col. Coffman, have decided that all charges against Bradley Manning — including the most odious charge of “aiding the enemy” — should be referred to a full military court-martial.  At this moment, these recommendations now sit on the desk of Major General Michael S. Linnington, who represents an entity known as the General Court-Martial Convening Authority. He now has the final power to rubber stamp these recommendations, which would formally refer these charges and initiate the court-martial process.

We need you and everyone you know to call General Linnington right now at 202-685-2807.

If the general’s staff are not answering their phone, please call the DoD as FireDogLake is asking their supporters to do,

“We’re calling the Department of Defense to demand they drop the “aiding the enemy” against Manning. To make your voice heard:

1. Dial 703-571-3343
2. Press 5 to leave a comment
* If the mailbox is full, leave a written comment for the DOD here:


Tell him that we’re watching him. Tell him to drop the charge of “aiding the enemy” and allow the defense team access to the critical evidence and testimony that they have so far been denied. Tell the military to stop preventing consideration of evidence which shows that these WikiLeaks revelations were never a threat to our national security. Tell them to stop the show trial.


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