FACTexclusive: A Free New Year’s Message from Khun Thongdaeng

December 28, 2011

His Majesty’s faithful companion and confidant, Khun Thongdaeng, has expressed her sympathy for Uncle SMS, Akong Ampon Tangnoppakul, who was sentenced November 23 to 20 years in prison.

A Google translation of Khun Thongdaeng’s statement reads, “My gracious master is the most compassionate man I know. All of us need to emulate his understanding for our fellows.

“Grandfathers are meant to take a break from a life of hard work to enjoy their families, not be locked up for the new year. This is not how civilised people should treat one another. We all just need to get along and listen to others with respect even if we disagree. Let’s be tolerant of others.

“My master is protected by his good deeds and virtues and karma. He certainly doesn’t need any protection from small-minded men or small-minded laws. He barely even needs my protection.

“I learned from the best. Even though I’m top dog here, I wouldn’t bully lesser dogs or even chase cats. I listen to my master’s wisdom and study his example. And my teeth and claws make me fearless.

“By the way, like the rest of my master’s children, I am not mentioned in the lèse majesté laws. But if you think I am not my master’s faithful servant, I’ll pee on your leg.

“Political prisoners? In my country? When Thai means ‘free’? I don’t think so! The answer is NO! Arfffffffff! [FACT: Sorry, does not translate.]

“I know some excellent police dogs. They all report to me they’ve never found evidence of a computer crime. They see terrible crimes but free speech is not one of them. ‘National security’ is something you can smell and can never be harmed by mere words. Security is something real: a safe home, good food, comfy bed and a loving family.

“Democracy needs freedom of expression. I intend to have someone write “Akong” on my paw for all grandfathers including my master.”

Khun Thongdaeng made no claims to be speaking for His Majesty. And any criticism of Thai court judgements is ruled contempt. However, it is unlikely Khun Thongdaeng will be charged over picking a bone with the courts due to her secure position in the palace.


2 Responses to “FACTexclusive: A Free New Year’s Message from Khun Thongdaeng”

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    Clever dog!

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