FACTorial: 911™ and the real ‘ground zero’

September 11, 2011

“Falling man” [Richard Drew]

First of all, let’s get something straight here: New York City’s World Trade Center’s Twin Towers™ are not Ground Zero™. The real “Ground Zero” was Hiroshima City Hall on August 6, 1945 at 8:15am when Americans dropped the first atomic bomb from the bomber “Enola Gay”. “Little Boy” vapourised 100,000 civilians in an instant. People in Hiroshima and Nagasaki are still dying from the effects of radiation more than 50 years later.

3,000 people jumping out of the windows in New York is no match no matter how tragic. It’s no more important because this happened in America.

The atomic bombers were not wearing turbans nor did they pray to a different God. They were us.

Since 911™, 9/11™, 9-11™, the USA has been on a trajectory no less dramatic than “Falling man”.

It is quite simply incredible that US intelligence forces were not aware of plans for this airstrike. It is further unbelievable that these massive skyscrapers collapsed into their own footprint without assistance from precision explosives. Any thinking person knows the trade towers’ demise was a classic false flag operation.

Full disclosure. I grew up in Nutley, New Jersey with an awesome view of the City’s skyline. But I left before the WTC was built so the towers were never part of my mental NYC skyline. Quite frankly, I didn’t miss them when they were gone.

But doesn’t it strike you as strange that, in the New York City of today, one cannot buy a photo, a tee shirt, a poster, a statuette, a snowglobe or any other manner of kitsch sold to tourists which includes the WTC? Government does not want you thinking that America is vulnerable and so, like some crazy old relative (we’ve all got ‘em), they cut the towers out of the picture.

For US politicians, this critical event marked “Mission accomplished”. American politicians managed to turn the US into a police state virtually overnight by suspending the protections of a time-tested constitution and bill of rights which are the only things which define American democracy and make the USA different from anywhere else.

The brainwashing of Americans and most of the “free world” continued exploiting fear of others perceived as different, rebranding of American conceptions as trademarked above, and relying heavily on misinformation and outright lies parroted by corporate news media. News reportage by corporations is just another form of censorship, of hiding the truth from people.

Every govt relies on the concept of a “national security” it never defines to keep itself in power. “National security” can, after all, mean anything you want it to mean. The USA must be credited, however, with coming up with the notion of “Homeland Security”.

That strikes me as particularly Orwellian. Another country to use the term ‘homeland’ was apartheid South Africa, which created ten ‘homelands’ to legally segregate the enormous majority blacks from the colonial whites. These ‘homelands’ were also “Stans”—for Bantustans (yes, from the Persian)—to which blacks were forcibly resettled; blacks were not allowed to own land anywhere in South Africa.

Australia did much the same by banishing its Aboriginal citizens to such settlements. So when did that ever work out? Ronald Bailey writes, “the word ‘homeland’ conjures a kind of antediluvian primitive nationalism (tribalism) based on blood and soil, not a people united by their devotion to political ideals like liberty and free speech”.

The US government since 2001 successfully bankrupted America morally, spiritually and economically. WTC just provided the fulcrum.

Americans embraced the longest wars in history, wars which are unwinnable. How would you react if someone invaded your country? Think they’re going to give up? Ever? Why was such national aggression and arrogance perceived as overwhelmingly acceptable conduct, unlike the American war on Vietnam?

The only winners today are US corporations profiting from an endless pall of death of foreign civilians and young American soldiers. Body bags, bullets and bombs are big business.

The US has already managed to create a zombie army of returned soldiers, irretrievably traumatised by bloodshed, brainwashed by propaganda and…trained to kill. Great combo!

Govt has abandoned these soldiers, crazy, alone, jobless and homeless as the rest of Americans. One sees them begging for money, food or work with cardboard signs on every major thoroughfare in America. Begging…in America, an America which has turned its back on them. Do you want your son to be a soldier?

America is fighting for religion, of course. But not any sort of Christianity Jesus, who was also a prophet to the Muslims, ever taught. Americans are rewarded for becoming the kind of fundamentalists who want to criminalise abortion—calling themselves “pro-life” and even shooting abortion doctors—and then slaughtering “foreign” children and their heathen parents.

Keep it politically-correct (PC™), though. We just want to kill these people not make them uncomfortable.

The trillions the USA spends on wars in the Middle East has left vast numbers of Americans jobless, homeless and penniless, robbing others of a working lifetime of retirement savings. Becoming a soldier is the only job left for young Americans. Watch how fast war spending rises: http://costofwar.com/en/.

In fact, the Eishenhower Research Project at Brown University estimated the so-called War on Terror™ has cost $6,000,000,000,000 over the past decade with no sign of slowing down anytime soon, two trillion dollars more than the total cost of World War II.

If you go crazy with your credit cards at usurious, loan-shark interest, most of us would say you’re an idiot. But the USA is 14 trillion dollars in debt. That means spending money they don’t have. That’s a lot of zeroes.

There are, of course, alternatives to being jobless and homeless in America and you don’t even need to kill anybody. It’s pretty easy to join the ranks of 2,292,133 Americans currently in prison, particularly if you’re not white. You’ll feel right at home: 70% of US prisoners are non-whites. Safer than the ghetto, too: only 7.9% of Federal prisoners are in gaol for violent crimes.

That one percent of the American populace in prison rises quickly to 7,225,800 adults under “correctional supervision” meaning prison, probation or parole, more than three percent in total.

The US imprisons greater actual numbers as well as in per capita statistics than any other nation in history including Nazi Germany, Soviet gulags and South African detention centres. Add released prisoners to America’s zombie army.

Many US prisons have been privatised and contracted to corporations. If you still have any money, you can buy shares in them, a very profitable business model. Prisons tie for second place with the war on drugs as the biggest US govt expenditure after wars: $68,747,203,000 in 2009.

Prisoners and prisons are another big way to keep Americans afraid. We are taught to be afraid over and over by ubiquitous, simplistic TV cop shows. In fact, a “CSI effect” has been observed in juries inclined to believe everything the police say and convict.

Prisoners, of course, are a species without population control, particularly with drug laws. Many of these prisoners are generated by the phony, self-serving govt morality of so-called wars on drugs. The US Federal govt spent $23,44,000,000 on its drug police efforts in 2011.

The US Census Bureau reported 46.2 million Americans living in poverty calling the first years of the new century “a lost decade”. The one in six poor Americans parallels almost precisely the US prison population.

Similar figures are not generated annually for the drug wars in each US state but in 1998, the individual state govts spent collectively $30,700,000,000 which is conservatively estimated to have risen to around $45 billion this year. The aggregate total the US spends on ineffectual interdiction and unwinnable drug wars is $75.7 billion every year, $1,716.77 spent every second. Watch how much drug war spending racks up: http://www.drugsense.org/cms/wodclock.

In contrast, American love drugs! 8.9% of Americans currently use illegal drugs. There is a drug arrest in the USA every 19 seconds, overwhelmingly for simple possession.

Then, of course, there’s the herb. Bob Marley, he not dead! Marijuana has been used for spiritual pursuit, recreation and medicine for at least 3,000 years. It is surely one of the safest substances on the planet. 17,400,000 Americans use marijuana. Studies have shown its effectiveness in treating numerous medical conditions, including cancer, yet police arrest and gaol medical marijuana patients. For a plant you can grow in your own home!

It is estimated that Americans pay about $60 billion a year on illegal drugs. However, a Harvard economist considered in 2008 that legalising recreational drugs would inject at least $76,800,000,000 of free money into the US economy.

There is simply no commonsense reason for America to keep flushing this money. Except, that is, for Daddy Warbucks. Do we want to keep padding the fatcats?

Free, universal healthcare including transportation, dental and optical care, is simply a no-brainer. So is a guaranteed annual income, even for immigrants. So are full benefits for seniors. Why, in fact, don’t we make that start at age 50 so geezers can actually enjoy the rest of their lives? Free and efficient public transportation everywhere, coast to coast and border to border.

And, of course, full, free education on demand, from childhood to old age, including all living expences, textbooks and incidentals for students. How about free computers?

Is this concept of taking care of our own people not better than killing and maiming people everywhere, letting citizens without insurance die on the hospital steps, locking up one in every seven people, allowing banks to force families into the streets? If you don’t think so, too, frankly, I think you deserve what you get, a world of endless conflict, a life of fear and servitude.

Americans hoped for change by electing Barack Obama, a Constitutional scholar. (Good point: He’s black and he’s not in gaol.) But he didn’t change anything. His most simple election promise, to close the extrajudicial prison of Guantánamo, created specifically to thwart the US Constitution, remains unrepeated. Obama’s America is in actuality even worse than Bush’s America.

It’s still about the money. America continues to trade blood for oil. The real terrorists are our governments.

American film director Steven Spielberg made a 10-part 2011 TV series called Falling Rain about an alien invasion from outer space and a brave American citizen resistance. As I watched, I realised the “hideous” aliens, so different from us, were consciously conceived by the filmmaker to represent Muslims.

The series’ principal message is shown in a cunning historical misquote. Vaguely reminiscent of James Madison’s contributions to the US Constitution, it appeared as a motto on an abandoned high school serving as barracks for the resistance fighters: “There can be no better defense for freedom than a standing army.” Even the children of the near-future used guns, one commenting a weapon was “as natural to me as a cellphone used to be”.

The (illegal) aliens’ only desire is not just to exterminate the adults (Americans) but to capture the children, to whom they show great affection. They infect the children to make them as aliens. Metaphorical enough for you?

But it took a Thai (my wife) to point out to me that perhaps Spielberg has a hidden agenda. Is he a true believer of US govt propaganda…or are they paying him? Govt control flourishes by keeping its citizens very afraid. That fear is sure to generate this series’ second season.

Falling Skies is as far a cry from the gentle  E.T. of our childhoods in 1982 as ‘aliens’ are from ‘extra-terrestrials’. Spielberg has lost the plot, or worse.

I noticed Spielberg is also directing a documentary on the building of the new WTC so perhaps he just drinks the Kool-Aid.

There’s a reason soldiers are referred to as “grunts” or “jarheads”. It’s because they have been lobotomised by nationalism. The world is a small and fragile place. And it’s all of us. There is no room for flags or teams or countries now. Patriotism is cancer.

I visited the US last summer. Flat-screen TVs have made it possible for every single public and private space to be filled with propaganda, from cafes to dentists’ offices to hotel bathrooms. You might consider re-reading Nineteen Eighty-four or Fahrenheit 451, watching Soylent Green or They Live!.

Our every movement is watched by surveillance cameras. We are tracked by our cellphones.

Those end-days are here for the USA and perhaps this Titanic will suck the rest of us down with it. We aimed for the iceberg. It seems impossible to conceive we have not reached a point far beyond no return.

We’ve traded our reality for ‘reality TV’ and bought into 24-hour sports as metaphor for war without end.

It would be very difficult to imagine the real America, strong and free, ever arising from the ashes Americans bought into wholesale. They did it to themselves willingly like lemmings.

But all subsequent “terrorist” threats have proven to be stings set up by US police and security agencies. Show trials like Viktor Bout’s comfort the citizenry while the world’s biggest arms dealers, the US, the UK and other free, Western democracies are the real lords of war.

Like the death of John F. Kennedy and, for those old enough, the death of King Ananda, we all remember where we were when we heard about the towers going down. I was listening to CBC radio on a pristine island off the west coast of British Columbia. I thought it was a radio play and, to this day, have never been so interested in seeing the TV coverage.

It’s not that I don’t have sympathy for those who died on September 11—which was just another day. At the time, I read their lives with great emotion in each day’s New York Times. Today’s New York Times, by contrast, is filled with the names of the war dead just as in Vietnam days. I think there are a lot of Iraqis and Afghanis defending their ‘homelands’ who equally deserve to be memorialised.

This is what happens when citizens don’t question the actions and intentions of their governments.

Readers should not think these observations are simple US-bashing. They’re a roadmap for what we must not allow our own govt to become.

We used to believe the words to John Lennon’s “Imagine”. We can still imagine justice for everyone. We have to.

We all have the chance to make sure Thailand does not continue to follow the US path to disaster and ruin. We should start with Patani.

CJ Hinke

Freedom Against Censorship Thailand (FACT)

5 Responses to “FACTorial: 911™ and the real ‘ground zero’”

  1. The American disease is the Thai disease is the EU’s disease… is greed. And fear of being left behind… not from ‘the rapture’ just as forlorn consumers… iPodless. An iPod can even buy off a cop ready to roll you over for non-crimes committed in another country.

    The Thai people, not the Bangkokians but the Thai people, are not like us Americans. They’ve got their skin in the game. And they are not the comatose, deracinated bunch of consumers that populate Bangkok and the rest of the urban, neo-liberal world. There’s hope for Thailand, if not for Bangkok.

    Hell, there’s hope for Amerika. All we Americans need do is stoop to pick up the tools of democracy. They lie at our feet, ready to transform the nightmare into the sweet dreams of yesteryear. If Thais had the democratic tools we Americans have we’d all be living in paradise right now.

    But we Americans seem like Rip Torn, ready to ride the bomb down into the ground. No one’s yelling yahoo, unless they’re being paid to do so, but there’s no action in America that I can see. Only reaction. Waiting for the last shoe to drop.

  2. I am taking a pass on this ignorance.
    Controlled explosives bringing down the WTCs,…has this conspiracy fluff not yet been totally licked off the cake?
    It’s not just that I cannot bring myself to believe this rehashed anti-government bias, but that I know Bush and successive administrations were not smart enough to plan and execute such precision – let alone evil enough. If they wanted to cause so much destruction, why not “allow” the WTC buildings to fall all over the place and cause even more damage?
    This continual reliance on intentional destruction is belittling to human decency.
    The use of WW2 Hiroshima and Nagasaki could be better employed against the backdrop of what the Japanese had been up to and what they had tried to do. The people in Pearl Harbor were surely victims of the same kind of cowardly attack that took place on 9/11.

  3. ‘ It is quite simply incredible that US intelligence forces were not aware of plans for this airstrike… Any thinking person knows the trade towers’ demise was a classic false flag operation. ‘

    That certainly seems likely to me. I have difficulty imagining wiring the WTC for demolition, but I believe the facts that Richard Clarke has reported. His ‘explanation’ of those facts seems crafted to make them seem an ‘honest mistake’… overweening pride of zealous workaholics… I don’t believe that.

    There are some people who believe that FDR let Pearl Harbor go forward in order to get the US into WW II. I don’t know about that. I do believe that Cheney and the Neo-cons were quite capable of letting what turned out to be the mass murders of 9/11 go forward in order to bring about their “catastrophic and catalyzing event––like a new Pearl Harbor” to usher in this disastrous New American Century.


    And when you look into that… there’s lots that confirms and nothing that contradicts the thesis that that is exactly what they did.

    What’s needed is a “Challenger Commission” on the the real causes of 9/11… and the equivalent of Richard Feynman and his O-ring.

  4. No justice… no peace… ITs THE WARs, STUPID!

    And Barack Obama is trying to keep ‘everybody happy

    It is always a challenge to get people’s thinking into a new paradigm.

    Nevertheless, unless the effort is made, people might never comprehend the behind-the-scenes power struggle.

    A half century ago President Eisenhower in his farewell address warned the American people of the danger posed to democracy and the people’s control over their government by the military/security complex. Anyone can google his speech and read his stark warning.

    Unfortunately, caught up in the Cold War with the Soviet Union and reassured by America’s rising economic might, neither public nor politicians paid any attention to our five-star general president’s warning. In the succeeding half century the military/security complex became ever more powerful.

    The main power rival was Wall Street, which controls finance and money and is skilled at advancing its interests through economic policy arguments. With the financial deregulation that began during the Clinton presidency, Wall Street became all powerful. Wall Street controls the Treasury and the Federal Reserve, and the levers of money are more powerful than the levers of armaments. Moreover, Wall Street is better at intrigue than the CIA.

    The behind the scenes fight for power is between these two powerful interest groups. America’s hegemony over the world is financial, not military. The military/security complex’s attempt to catch up is endangering the dollar and US financial hegemony.

    The American people and all the other humans on the face of the earth don’t count, of course.

    And if the world’s peoples, the American people among them, do not stand up and wrest control from, the corporate stooges populating the Republican and Democrat Parties in the US for instance, we will have no one but ourselves to blame for the full catastrophe.

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