Thai Election Watch

June 21, 2011

Thai Election Watch


What is Thai Election Watch ?

The Thai Election Watch project aims to empower Thai citizens and other observers to monitor the Thai parliamentary elections on 3 July 2011. The project’s goal is to unify nationwide data on election-related irregularities and violence, and visualize them on a map of Thailand. The data sources are reports from official bodies (Police, Election Commission of Thailand etc.), established news outlets, accredited election observers, and citizen reports. Thai Election Watch is grounded in the belief that citizens’ reports on election-related events in their local constituencies can add to a free and fair flow of information. This in turn increases the accountability and transparency of the election process.


Who is Thai Election Watch?

Thai Election Watch is an all-volunteer project started at Thammasat University, Bangkok. It is independent, non-partisan and politically unaffiliated


What technology is used for Thai Election Watch?

Thai Election Watch is based on the open source platform Ushahidi and the non-profit application FrontlineSMS.


How can I report?

1. By sending a text message (SMS) to 088-876-5768 2. By sending an email to 3. By sending a tweet with the hashtag/s #thaielectionwatch 4. By filling out the online report form

Your report should include details on the event in the following order: WHERE?, WHEN?, WHAT? Also, please do include pictures, videos or links to news sources to increase the credibility of your report whenever possible.


What should I report?

You can contribute to Thai Election Watch by reporting any electoral misconduct or violence related to the parliamentary elections of 3 July 2011. Our report categories can give you some idea of the type of events that are considered misconduct. You can either report events that you personally witnessed or send in other reports from established news media. Please do not report rumors and hearsay unless you have credible evidence.


Why should I report?

• Because you can contribute to the transparency and accountability of the elections by sharing your information

• Because you can exchange your experiences with other citizens by commenting and rating reports or having your reports rated.

• Because you can contribute to a free and open society through your civic participation.


How do you address privacy and safety of reporters?

Your name, phone number, IP address or any other identifying information will never be published on the website, unless you deliberately include it in your report.


How to get involved?

There are several ways in which you can contribute to the project: 1) Submit reports.

Report on electoral misconduct or violence in your area. All reports are useful and will

contribute to the overall information content of the platform. 2) Spread the word.

Tell everyone you know about Thai Election Watch, send the link via email, Facebook, Hi-5, Myspace and other social networking sites. Tweet it, blog it, add us to your friends list, display our banner. Take out an add in your local newspaper, call in to your favorite radio show, in other words: Use all available means to get the word out! The platform can only be successful if as many people as possible know about it and use it.

3) Be a volunteer. If you are willing to share your expertise (graphic design, programming, media contacts, election monitoring experience etc.) with us, and you subscribe to our ideals of impartiality, open information and integrity, please send a mail to

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