Thailand’s Crisis and the Fight for Democracy banned-Giles Ji Ungpakorn

January 19, 2011

[FACT comments: To be honest, we haven’t read Ajarn Giles’ new book nor seen the ban order published in the Royal gazette. According to Post Today, as reported in Prachatai (, it is ราชกิจจานุเบกษาได้เผยแพร่ คำสั่งของสำนักงานตำรวจแห่งชาติ ที่ 702/2553 and published here: Banned books, well, just rub us the wrong way. Links below. Ajarn Ji informs us that the book, both Thai and English, is only digital rather than print. That makes this book the first so officially banned by Thai govt, and sets a dangerous precedent for online publications. UPDATE: We have just been informed by a reader that, yes, there is also a print edition, possibly print-on-demand, ISBN: 9780956514509.]

FACT signerGiles Ji Ungpakorn

After struggling to read my book for over a year, the Thai police have finally banned “Thailand’s Crisis and the fight for Democracy”. No one is allowed to import it. But I have nearly sold out!! What is even more amusing is that there is a Thai version which is available on the internet to download for free. Anyone who wants a copy of the Thai version can just e-mail me at or visit: English version may be read or downloaded here: – Giles Ji Ungpakorn

2 Responses to “Thailand’s Crisis and the Fight for Democracy banned-Giles Ji Ungpakorn”

  1. Andy Says:

    The ban order was published in the Royal Gazette today, signed December 24.

  2. Matthew Hunt Says:

    It is available in print, too (ISBN: 9780956514509).

    Presumably it was banned because it includes the eight lese-majeste paragraphs from A Coup For The Rich as an appendix (indeed, several chapters are adapted/copied from that earlier book).

    The ban was quite slow, if it was only signed on 24th December; my copy arrived last August!

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