FACTexclusive: Thailand’s expat Nazis, looking at you

December 30, 2010

[FACT comments: Not only have enormous divisions been created in Thai society but now foreigners are getting in on the act to create hatred and paranoia. Any such act by an expat against another is severely misplaced. We affect exactly nothing here. Bullies often get what they deserve.]

The “Blockwart” – Syndrome

New Nazis in Thailand

It seems strange, but there are German-speaking expats living in Thailand who believe their duty is espionage on blogs and Web pages in order to openly threaten people who sympathize with Redshirts or who are criticize the Thai Government. They follow a very strong Yellow line of propaganda. Searching and collecting IP-addresses, for what they believe are statements of lèse majesté of users having open discussions in German language blogs.  They distribute spam messages in blogs, posting the same statement 10 or more times and, if deleted, claim “censorship”.

Wikipedia, in its entry Nazi Germany reminds us of this tactic.  A  Blockleiter (block leader) was the lowest official of the NSDAP, responsible for the political supervision of a neighborhood or city block and formed the link between the NSDAP and the general population. Also colloquially known as a Blockwart (block attendant or warden), they were charged with planning, spreading propaganda and developing an acceptance to the policies of the NSDAP among the households (typically 40 to 60) in each area.

One specimen of this type of German foreigner in Thailand is known under different  names, mostly using his nickname BXXXX. I received communications from an Internet user who reported, that BXXXX was not only posting aggressive comments on blogs. BXXXX attacked the blogger and blog readers always using the same reasoning: Redshirts are paid, they are terrorists, Thaksin is corrupt and a dictator and the usual claims, your blog is paid by Thaksin, you are doing propaganda in Germany for Thaksin etc.) BXXXX is also active in German language blogs of important media outlets like Spiegel, Stern and German daily newspapers, always attacking pro-Red statements or articles. One Internet user reported to me:

“He was writing in a nice way with a PM to me and tried to collect information why I was supporting the Red cause.  But he did it in a way so much exaggerated that I became suspicious and asked him what he really wanted, and that I did not like denunciators.  He than replied to me, that I and my Red sympathies were well known to him, and what I had said and done, and that he had collected IP-addresses from people who had answered to his PMs. And he would find out everything about everybody.”

This “undercover farang” is trying to persuade people to come into one special forum and have discussion with him only because this forum provides him with the possibility to see the IP-address the other person is using. The same person is also openly expressing his hope that all people who speak critically about the monarchy, will one day will end in a Thai prison cell.  BXXXX threatened many times to bring a well-known German journalist, who writes freely without censorship, into a Thai court. He said that would happen if one day Thaksin finally would be eliminated. Several times he expressed his hope that Thaksin could have an “accident”.

When publishing posts to several blogs, he denounced the real names of other Internet users, making false claims they said things they never expressed and mixing this with genuine posts.

The sad situation is that this person, likely an Austrian citizen, has a small business in the north of Thailand along with his Thai wife. Both of them have many foreign contacts in Thailand who might trust them and openly express their thoughts, not knowing his real intentions in information-gathering.

There are about 10 German-language blogs where this person is active under different names. His standard argument is, “that Thaksin killed 3000 people and Abhisit may be 70, so Abhisit is the less bad solution. Both cases are not yet cleared, but against Thaksin AI and the UN had a lots of proof.” Or “You can wish for real democracy in Thailand, but you will never see it, I am realistic and pragmatic …” or “Good that the Army did not split up during the protests and fought against each other, otherwise the Yellow-shirts would have come onto the scene to clear up the mess.”

The problem in all cases is that he is mixing up truth with propaganda and creates a dangerous climate of hatred for people who express different opinions openly and write them into more than 8000 pages like the German journalist mentioned before. Some German expats expect him, sooner or later, to inform Thai authorities about “hate creating propaganda in German language, paid by Thaksin” and fear repression when travelling to Thailand or living inside Thailand.

This German language foreigner is not a lone example. We know a Pakistani-British freelance journalist living in Thailand who has created a mission for accusing numerous people of lèse majèsté, forcing them to defend themselves from his personal accusations. A diplomatic source told me that at least two people with German first language were working in Chiang Mai for the authorities as “undercover farang” collecting information about foreigners and sending them, free of charge, to the same authorities.

I want to point this out for all readers in order to ask them not to be too open-minded with foreigners in Thailand or abroad.

Please be careful, if you do not know your foreign friend well, control your tongue. And in case any of this type of expat is reading this: Don’t bother Thais with information what foreigners said or did not say. Foreigners are only spectators to the Thai scene and they have no influence on the political development in Thailand. So let them gossip or analyze or express whatever opinion. This is nothing Thai authorities need be concerned about.

If any Internet user gets legal problems in Thailand because of false accusation by another expat, the accuser might well become the target of a countersuit in a German-language country for both criminal defamation and civil compensation. Thai authorities will certainly not hide the accuser’s identity.


15 Responses to “FACTexclusive: Thailand’s expat Nazis, looking at you”

  1. Emilio Says:

    The Pakistani-British man you refer to is Akbar Khan, a failed journalist and DSI snitch. He lives in Bangkok but is originally from Borehamwood, London. This nasty individual is a royalist fanatic, but he doesn’t respect the Thai monarchy, he only says he loves the king to gain acceptance from Thai nazis who see non-white foreigners as racially inferior. The problem with Akbar Khan is that he wants Thai PAD nazis to accept him as a “farang” rather than a Pakistani non-farang.

  2. Terminator Says:

    Why you not say it loud?? his name BXXXX is Bueko!

  3. Terminator ll Says:

    sorry BXXXX its mean “Bukeo” its was wrong before! I sure he will find the way to prison by hisself!

  4. bukeo Says:

    >I sure he will find the way to prison by hisself!<

    why you not tell me, what I do wrong?
    I do nothing, only posting in a redshirt website.
    This is wrong – oh sorry, then maybe you do wrong too.

  5. bukeo Says:

    >and that I did not like denunciators<

    please tell here, why I am a denunciator.
    My wife work for the government – but I not told her
    something about what you write against the government.
    You start to make public the adress from my provider – but you not know, that this informations from 2002/2003. Now the webcompany is a LTD and have some shareholders. Bukeo ist not a shareholder, sorry?

    If you write about me, please write the truth, not lie – or believe people to much.

    have a nice day and drink a cool beer 🙂

    • berndgrimm Says:

      It is rather awkward to see my own case against
      one specific german Blog “Schönes Thailand?Nicht mit uns! beeing mirrored in such a funny way.
      FACT is, I have used the expression Neonazi against
      the producers of this Blog deliberately after beeing
      38 times censored and blocked because I have been
      opposing their story of certain Redshirt activities
      where I have been by chance eye witness.
      And I have used this expression deliberately,
      because like Neonazis these persons first made shure
      that I could not defend myself and then attacked me.
      In Front this famous “Journalist” who wrote
      so many many books about Thailand.
      And I used the title “Blockwart” against the
      Tech.Admin. becaue he/she/it behaved like one.

  6. berndgrimm Says:

    I have to question the the true motifs
    of a blog like FACThai which is calling itself
    Freedom against Censorship Thailand.
    Either you are against censorship then you have to
    condemn all.
    Including the”Schönes?Thailand!Nicht mit uns!”
    Or you are just condemning the Censorship
    against Redshirts than you are indeed partisan.
    Ihave copies of nearly all my posts in S?T!
    and their initial replies replies and I would
    gladly publicise these in a neutral media.
    Then everyone can judge for himself….
    which postings have been “SPAM”

  7. facthai Says:

    We rarely comment on comments to FACT’s postings. However, we are not sure what tempest is occurring in the German language expat community in Thailand. In fact, we have received a threatening request to remove one of these comments or face legal action, a first for FACT since our founding in 2006.

    FACT does NOT censor! Comment as you wish.

    All we care about is that expats in Thailand may have become so outraged by some words that they seek to criminally charge another with lèse majesté or defamation.

    If our home countries have taught us anything, expats must know that this is not the way to get along with others.

  8. TC Says:

    ++++”Schoenes Thailand” abgeschaltet, geblockt, bankrott oder was? – Seite 2 Says:+++

    schoenes-thailand.de – This blog collected email addresses for to denounce those who did not write pro-Thaksin posts. They published many private datas in serveral radical Blogs and forums. After many problems with police in Europe and Thailand – the owner switched off the website

  9. Peter Dusi Says:

    Warning: A swiss denounced for years foreigners in thailand for LM. His name is Walter Roth and he lives in St. Gallen/Switzerland. Don´t discuss with him about the thai monarchy – he makes screenshots and sends it to MICT.

  10. […] zu schreiben … Sofort werden sich freiwillige Blockwarte und Denunzianten einstellen (sogar Farang Blockwarte!), die von dem eigentlich lächerlichen automatisierten Beschwerdesystem profitieren, bei dem im […]

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