FACTorial: Thailand’s hijacked king

September 26, 2010

When writers, editors and publishers are arrested, forced underground or into exile, when printing houses are shut down, when bookstores and distributors are intimidated, these, my friends, are hallmarks of a police state.

When journalists are targeted and killed and others threatened with 50-year sentences, these, my friends, are dictatorship in fact.

When police operate outside the law, using extrajudicial killings and forced disappearances to show the impunity of their power, when military troops use war weapons to kill Thai citizens in the streets of our capital, we are surely no sort of democracy.

When students are denied enrollment or hounded out of universities for their political beliefs along with their professors, we are destroying our future society.

When hundreds of citizens are gaoled for months for peaceful demonstrations, when rule of law is suspended and replaced by military rule, we have become a failed state.

Thai govt is being ruled by a seige mentality. Officials think they can hand power to the military and conduct witch-hunts over supposed lèse majesté. Bureaucrats brag to the media of blocking more than 200,000 websites.

Thailand is arresting its critical voices like Chiranuch Premchaiporn, director of Prachatai and founding FACT signer, not just once but multiple times to silence their voices. Chiranuch was returning from a European conference sponsored by Google on Internet freedom only to face charges by a Khon Kaen businessman. Facing a 50 year sentence was obviously not enough for him.

Our land is red, red with the blood of its citizens, and their anger which cannot be safely expressed, not their politics. Once Thais were a family united under the protection of the monarchy.

Govt repression and lèse majesté arrests have created a fear in all of us which has even taken our King from us. Govt has hijacked our King to serve its own agenda. And I miss him.


8 Responses to “FACTorial: Thailand’s hijacked king”

  1. You “miss” the guy in whose name all these abuses of power are carried out.? The man who has done nothing to reverse these absurd laws ?

  2. Emilio Says:

    Who’s targeting the king anyway? The junta have it all wrong, as usual. It’s lese majeste law we want put into a nailed box and cast into the sea, not the Thai monarchy.

    That’s only an excuse to scare Thais into accepting an archaic law.

  3. Kevin Maxwell Says:

    There is evidence that the King himself doesn’t support the archaic lese majeste law, as he has said he welcomes criticism…
    Lese Majeste isn’t about the monarchy, it is a tool to intimidate opposing voices.. to silence any opposition of the elite establishment. Try to challenge the legality of Lese Majeste and you become accused of it’s crimes. Lese Majeste becomes a vicious circle that feeds upon itself.

  4. The King welcomes criticism hey ? and I suppose the Lese Majeste law is going to be looked at according to the Thai foreign minister.Oh yeah well then I’m Robert Redford.! Listen guys the LM law is there not only to use to keep political dissent at bay,it is also needed by the Royal family to cover up the History of royal led initiatives that have cost many lives.The most recent being the Kings initiative/backing of the WOD.Then various coups and participation in the 70’s of Vajiralongkhorn in the brutal suppression of so-called communists who were murdered,raped ect….They do not welcome such criticism one iota.Maybe the color scheme of the interior decoration could be disscussed.Other than that,its all a front,and LM keeps them powerful and lets them get away with anything.

  5. By the way guys why aren’t you two on facebook ? its so much easier to talk on there ,..add me ok 🙂

  6. Rich Says:

    Indeed, when considering the value or likely candour of what someone says, we first need to consider who the person doing the saying is. Then we need to consider what the person doing the saying is.

    The King is a Thai.

    Enough said.

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