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September 24, 2010

Special 300 agent taskforce to deal with the conspiracy to overthrow the monarchy

Bangkok Pundit: July 9, 2010

BP has already blogged on the ridiculous chart/mind-map developed by the military (and publicly endorsed by Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva) linking people in a conspiracy to overthrow the monarchy and the continued pushing by the government and the military of the dangers of this conspiracy.

Now, that was back in April. You would think that since then that they would focus on criminal prosecutions of the reds/red leaders for the burning in Bangkok and other incidents which transpired during the red shirt protests. There are some real criminal activities there – in BP’s view it is more a question of who specifically is at fault and not whether there are crimes committed. Yet, no, the government is continuing to push the conspiracy to overthrow the monarchy charges. The Nation on July 9 on a 300 agent team set up to deal with the conspiracy:

The Department of Special Investigation has begun its operations dealing with the antimonarchy movement, setting up nine teams comprising nearly 300 agents from various agencies to do the task.

In identifying people whose behaviour is considered “detrimental or illminded” to the monarchy, the DSI will rely on the controversial Mind Map composed by the government’s Centre for Resolution of the Emergency Situation (CRES), which indicted 27 key figures released during the runup to the redshirt protests in Bangkok.

DSI director general Tharit Phengdit said he could not tell whether the blacklisted 83 people whose assets had been frozen by the CRES were taking part in the movement. “We will look into their connections with the antimonarchy movement, but we cannot tell now how close they are to each other,” he said.

Some members of the movement are related to the Democratic Alliance against Democracy, which is linked to the opposition Pheu Thai Party and took part in arranging the redshirt protests in May, he added.

The DSI yesterday unveiled nine teams of officials comprising 200 DSI agents and 89 others from relevant agencies, including police. Each team is tasked with different roles in various areas, including intelligence and banking crimes.

No deadline has been set for the completion of all lesemajeste and antimonarchy cases. “All cases involved a large number of people through complicated networks of operations. The overall DSI investigation will be lengthy, as these cases are different, and we need to exercise extra caution in handling them,” Tharit added.

The DSI has identified two types of wrongdoing: online publication of lesemajeste content; and public statements in various forms, including public interviews, speeches during allies and distribution of hard copies.

The wrongdoers involved are divided into three levels: the leadership and commanders, who allegedly funded the antimonarchy operations, gave directions and tactics and issued ideological themes.

The second level are the “operatives”, who delivered lese majeste content or speeches as directed by the leadership – individually, as groups, or systematically as a whole. The third level are “the masses”, who used public activities or gatherings to support the people in the second level.

The DSI took over a total of 256 lese majeste cases from police since 2006, 194 of which had been completed and later resulted in indictment by public prosecutors. It will ask to takeover another 38 cases from police.

BP: A 300 agent taskforce? Is this not some witch-hunt reminiscent of McCarthyism? Are there no other crimes worthy of investigating?

One Response to “Conspirators under your bed?-Bangkok Pundit”

  1. tonyhedges Says:

    So now the Abhisit govt, that was put in place by the military is trying to instigate the “thought police”? they can’t win elections to get into power properly. they get into power by a combination of power-mongering and the judiciary helping them and now they can’t govern without the Emergency Law in place! As if that isn’t bad enough along come the thought police. can they charge people for lesse majeste for things they say? if yes, its one persons word against another and all the people on the list would be behind bars now. it follows then, that a higher standard of proof is needed, so how are the 300 thought police supposed to help?

    i suggest that if these 300 people wear a uniform that uif they come to eat at your restaurant you spit in their food.

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