Another hidden lèse majesté arrest for computer crimes: Tanyawut Taweewarodomkul-PPT

September 24, 2010

News on Red Eagle [Tanyawut Taweewarodomkul]

Political Prisoners in Thailand: August 31, 2010

The following is a letter from Red Eagle or Tanyawut Taweewarodomkul. Tanyawut is in jail on charges related to the Computer Crimes Act and for online comments he is alleged to have made about the monarchy. The letter is to the girlfriend of a fellow inmate, arrested on charges of red shirt activism but since found guilty and released. The letter came to PPT via friends, one of whom visited the jail with the girlfriend. Ji Ungpakorn also has a version at his website, although our editing is just a little different.

Tanyawut is, as his letter says, on his own, and it is important that he receive support from within Thailand and internationally.


Sawasdee [name deleted]

I’ve heard your name for a long time from [name deleted].  I’ve seen him kiss your photo on many occasions. You keep up his spirits inside here… [identifiable material deleted].

My name is Tanyawut Taweewarodomkul or “Kenny” [Red Eagle]. I’ve been charged with the Computer Crimes law and lese majeste. I was jailed before [Conor Purcell] or Jeff [Savage] just after the big protest began. They accuse me of making a red shirt website which attacked the Monarchy [ website]. I am fighting my case on my own. Those whom I thought would help me have done nothing and even my relatives don’t dare come to visit. I glad that [name deleted] has someone to visit and worry about him.

Sometimes it is hard to be a hero, especially when the Red team is always being wrongly accused and slandered and the referee is biased. Even the owner of the sports ground behaves as if nothing is happening. We can only help ourselves as best we can without much of an aim, waiting for the day when we can receive justice.

Thank you and your friends for helping us Red Shirts. Your friends may be foreigners, but they have more admirable spirit than many who are Thai.

Glad to know you


Zone 8

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