Rescue volunteer refuses CRES summons-Prachatai

July 7, 2010

[FACT comments: We honour Wasan. A simple humanitarian act calls for military repression. Bureaucrats always fail to turn up at govt investigations when it might discomfort them. The people have the same right.]

Rescue volunteer ignores a CRES summons

Prachatai: July 5, 2010

Wasan Sang-rasmi, or Keng, a rescue volunteer who witnessed the killings at Pathumwanaram Temple on 19 May, has been issued a summons by the CRES, but he has decided not to meet the authorities.

On 2 July, Wasan told Khaosod that he had been informed by his relatives who lived at a house in Soi Pracha Uthit 29 that a summons from the CRES had been pasted on the front door since 28 June, ordering him to report to the CRES, but not specifying the date.  It was signed by the CRES Chair Suthep Thaugsuban, and it forbade anyone to pull it off.

He said that he had done nothing wrong.  He was at Pathumwanaram Temple on that day just to help the injured and the dead.  He insisted that he had nothing to do with the violence and the red shirts’ protests.

Now he has to live in fear and in hiding, and he will not report to the CRES, he said.

Wasan is a rescue volunteer with the Vajira Hospital Rescue Unit, and has come out to speak about the incident in which many were injured and six people were killed, including Kamolkade Akkahad and Akkaradej Khankaew.  He has insisted that when Dr Khunying Pornthip Rojanasunan, Director of the Institute of Forensic Science, conducted an autopsy on Kamolkade’s body on the morning of 20 May, a bullet was found in the wound in her stomach.

At Bon Kai community, Malee Sanprasertsri held a religious ceremony on the 49th day after the death of her son, Mana, 25, a Po Tek Teung rescue volunteer who was shot in the head while he was trying to help people during the crackdown near Soi Ngam Du Plee on 15 May.  The event was attended by over a hundred people, including Po Tek Teung rescue volunteers, Pathumwanaram survivors and those who joined the protest at Bon Kai.

On the same day, Wuthikorn Intaraphuwasak, an assistant to the Minister of Social Development and Human Security, presided over a ceremony giving money to those affected by the unrests since 12 March.  There were 71 recipients, including 66 injured and the relatives of 5 dead, who received a total of 5 million baht.

This is the twelfth distribution of compensation by the Ministry to affected people, with a total of 1,381 cases and 70,743,209 baht.



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